Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 67:1-15

Book 10: Sixty-seven Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 67: Verses 1-15

Dwivida killed (by Balarama)

King Pariksit submitted : Lord Balarama is possessed of infinite glory; His Form and virtues are unfathomable, His deeds are wonderful. I long to hear more of Him-what other feats He performed. Sri Suka replied : There was a certain monkey, Dwivida by name. He was a friend of Naraka, a counsellor of Sugriva and the powerful brother of Mainda. He made havoc of the country by setting fire to and burning towns, villages, mines and cowherds' stations with a view to clearing his debt to his friend (by wreaking vengeance on his enemy). Sometimes he pulled out hills and smashed with them whole territories, especially the territory of Anarta, where lived Sri Krsna, the elephant in rut. Climbing up branches of trees the wicked monkey shook the trees and in order to attract notice loudly chattered. Observing the impudence on the part of that monkey, the young girls, who were fond of fun and sportive by nature, loudly laughed. Being under the protection of Sri Balarama, they had no fear. Under the very eyes of Balarama the monkey began to insult the girls by twisting his eyebrows, making wry faces and showing them his hind part. Full of rage, Balarama, the foremost of warriors, hit him with a slab of stone; the crafty monkey (however) evaded it and (hastily coming down the tree) took up the pot of Varuni and defied Balarama by grinning at him and provoking him (thereby). The wicked monkey then smashed the pot of Varuni, tore the clothes of the women and caused (infinite) annoyance to Sri Balarama and, puffed up with pride, showed disrespect to Him.



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