Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 70:1-11

Book 10: Seventy Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 70: Verses 1-11

Sri Krsna's Daily Routine; Kings taken captive by Jarasandha send their Messenger to Sri Krsna

Sri Suka began again : As the dawn approached, Sri Krsna's wives each sleeping with the arms of her husband about her neck would reproach the cocks that crowed for fear of being separated from Him. Roused from sleep by the breeze blowing through the Mandara grove in the midst of humming bees, birds sang loudly like bards as if in order to wake up Sri Krsna. Clasped between His arms Rukmini would not welcome this sacred hour for fear of being torn away from His embrace. Waking up about two hours and a half before. sunrise, Sri Krsna would first wash His hands and feet and rinse His mouth, and with a serene mind meditate on the Self beyond (the realm of) Prakrti, that is one without a second, self-luminous and indestructible, which is by virtue of its own nature eternally free from the taint of Avidya (nescience), which goes by the name of Brahma, whose existence and blissful nature are indicated by His own potencies (under the names of Brahma, Visnu and Rudra) that are responsible for the appearance (maintenance) and destruction of the universe.
After this Sri Krsna (the foremost among the righteous) would take a plunge bath in pure water, put on two (clean) pieces of cloth, perform according to the injunctions of the scriptures Sandhya and other (obligatory) rites and having poured oblations into the sacred fire, would silently repeat the (sacred) Gayatri-Mantra. He would stand before the rising sun and offer prayers to the sun-god and handfuls of water to the gods, Rsis and manes, His own rays. Then having worshipped the elders of His family as well as Brahmanas with due ceremony, the vigilant Lord would give away from day to day, to well-adorned Brahmanas together with silk clothes, deer-skin and sesamum seeds, thirteen thousand and eighty-four freshly calved and beautifully caparisoned cows, docile by nature, yielding abundant milk and accompanied with their calf, with their horns plated with gold, and hoofs with silver, and with their necks decked with pearl necklaces. He would then salute cows, Brahmanas, gods, elders, preceptors and all created beings, who were but manifestations of His own Self, and would duly touch auspicious things. He would then adorn Himself, the one ornament of the human world, with clothes and ornaments, peculiarly His own, as well as with excellent garlands and pigments.



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