Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 83:1-9

Book 10: Eighty-three (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 83: Verses 1-9

Conversation between Bhagavan Sri Krsna's consorts and Draupadi

Sri Suka began again : (Pariksit!) the almighty Lord (Bhagavan Sri Krsna) was the Preceptor of the Gopis, as well as the goal (which they sought to attain through the practice of His teachings). Having thus shown His favour to them, the Lord saw Yudhisthira and all (other) friends and enquired about their welfare. (Pariksit!) their sins disappeared at the very sight of the lotus-feet of Bhagavan Sri Krsna. Kindly enquired after and duly honoured by the Lord of the (three) worlds, they felt delighted at heart, and replied:- " (Blessed) Lord, exalted souls enjoy with their mind the nectar of your lotus-feet, which occasionally flows out through their lips (in the form of the stories of Your enchanting sports). Those who quaff this nectar to their heart's fill with the cup of their ears are rid of all ignorance in respect of You-ignorance, which is the root of corporeal existence of all embodied beings. How can any evil befall them? Lord, You are an embodiment of unfailing wisdom and a perfect ocean of Bliss. The three states of the soul occasioned by its contact with the mind (viz., wakefulness, dream and dreamless sleep) cannot touch even the fringe of Your effulgent .Being and melt away even in its proximity. You are the sole resort of recluses, who have lost all consciousness of the world. You have assumed a human semblance through Your own inconceivable Yogamaya (enchanting power) in order to protect the Vedas whose influence had waned through the force of time. We offer our obeisances to You." Sri Suka continued : (Pariksit!) when Yudhisthira and others were thus extolling the most glorious Lord (Bhagavan Sri Krsna), ladies of the Yadava and Kaurava families met together and began to relate to one another the stories of Bhagavan Sri Krsna sung throughout the three worlds.
I shall now tell you (in detail) what they said. Please listen, Draupadi said : Rukmini, Bhadra, Jambavati, Satya, Satyabhama, Kalindi, Saibya, Laksmana, Rohini and other consorts of Bhagavan Sri Krsna, (please) tell me how the glorious Lord Bhagavan Sri Krsna espoused you. Though God Himself, He behaves like a mortal through His own Maya (enchanting power)." Rukmini said : (Draupadi,) Jarasandha and the other kings wanted that I should be given in marriage to Sisupala. They came armed for a fight to carry out this intention of theirs. But the Lord took me away from their midst even as a lion carries away its prey from a herd of goats and sheep. (It is no wonder that He should do so; for) even invincible warriors bear the dust of His feet on their crowns. (Dear Draupadi, sincerely wish that) the lotus-feet of my Lord, the repository of all prosperity and beauty, may be available to me for worship from (birth to birth). Satyabhama said : (Draupadi,) my father was sorely grieved at the death of his brother (Prasena); he, therefore, charged the Lord with Prasena's murder. In order to wipe off this stigma cast on Him, the Lord vanquished the lord of bears, Jambavan, (in battle) and winning the jewel from him restored it to my father. Seized with fear on account of the false imputation made by him, my father bestowed the jewel on the Lord alongwith myself, even though he had affianced me to another.



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