Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 13:1-11

Book 10: Thirteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 13: Verses 1-11
Brahma is seized with and ultimately rid of infatuation

Sri Suka began again : A good enquiry has been made by you, 0 highly blessed one, since though listening to the narrative of the Lord again and again, you lend it a new charm (every time by your pertinent and intelligent queries), O jewel among the devotees of God! It is something natural with the righteous-who choose (only) what is best-that, like the topic of a (young) woman to an assembly of gallants, the story of Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord) appears quite new to them every moment even though their speech, ears and mind (too) are devoted to Him alone. Listen, 0 king, with (rapt) attention. I (proceed to) tell you even that which is most secret; for to a loving pupil preceptors impart even hidden things. Having rescued in the aforesaid manner His companions (the keepers of calves) from death in the shape of Aghasura's mouth and brought them to the sandy river-bank, the Lord spoke as follows:- "Oh! so very delightful, 0 friends, is this bank consisting of soft and stainless sand, full of facilities for our play and surrounded by trees charming with the echo of the humming of bees and warbling of birds drawn by the fragrance of budding lotuses (which makes the lake itself containing lotus-beds appear full-blown). Let us have our (midday) meal here; the day is (already) advanced and we are oppressed with hunger. Let the calves drink water and leisurely graze the grass near at hand.
" Saying "Amen !," the (cowherd) boys made the calves drink water, set them to feed on the green grass, opened their bags and lunched with the Lord in (great) delight. Seated together round Sri Krsna in a number of circular rows, (all) facing[1] Him with blooming eyes, the (cowherd) boys of Vraja shone brightly in the woodland like petals set round the pericarp of a lotus. Some dined on (the petals of) flowers and leaves, and others on young leaves, sprouts, fruits, bags, barks and slabs, having converted them into (so many) plates. Severally describing to one another the (exquisite) taste each of his own dish, all took their (midday) meal in the company of the Lord, laughing (themselves) and making others laugh. Bearing the flute between His belly and loin-cloth (on the right side) and His horn and cane under the left armpit and holding a buttered morsel (of cooked rice and curds) in His left hand and (preserved) fruits (fit for being taken with rice etc.), stuck in between the fingers, (nay,) seated in the middle and inducing laughter in the friends surrounding Him by His jokes, Lord Sri Krsna (the Enjoyer of sacrifices), (now) engaged in childlike sports, dined (with them) while the denizens of heaven looked on (with wonder).



  1. All the cowherd boys could not evidently face Sri Krsna; it was Sri Krsna who manifested Himself on all sides so as to make it possible for each and every companion of His to look at His face.

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