Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 52:1-15

Book 10: Fifty-two Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 52: Verses 1-15
Sri Krsna's withdrawal to Dwaraka; Balarama's marriage; Rukmini sends a Brahmana with a message to Sri Krsna

Sri Suka began again : Thus blessed, 0 dear Pariksit, by Sri Krsna, Mucukunda, a scion of lkswaku, went round Him (clockwise as a mark of respect) and, bowing low to Him, came out (into the open country) through the mouth of the cave. Observing diminutive men, beasts, plants and trees and concluding the age of Kali to have set in, he proceeded in a northerly direction. Full of faith in austerities, self-possessed, free from attachment, and concentrating his mind on Sri Krsna, Mucukunda, who had (all) his doubts cleared, entered deep into the forest on Mount Gandhamadana. Reaching Badarikasrama (so called because of its grove of jujube trees), containing the abode of (the divine sages) Nara and Narayana, he sought the favour of Sri Hari through asceticism, enduring all pairs of opposites (such as heat and cold) and remaining tranquil (at all times). Going back to the city (of Mathura), which continued to be beleaguered by the Yavanas, and wiping out the barbarian host, the Lord took away their wealth to Dwaraka. While the treasure was (thus) being carried away on (the back of) oxen and men directed by Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord), Jarasandha appeared (on the scene) leading an army consisting (as usual) of twenty-three Aksauhinis. Observing the impetuosity of the onrush of the enemy's host, Balarama and Sri Krsna (the two Scions of Madhu), who had adopted the ways of human beings, took to Their heels at once. Leaving the immense spoils (uncared for), the two Brothers covered many a mile with Their feet, resembling lotus petals, as though terribly afraid, though (absolutely) fearless.
Laughing heartily to see Them flying (like cowards), the powerful Jarasandha (the ruler of Magadha) pursued Them with the hosts of chariots, not knowing the greatness of the two almighty Brothers. Having run fast for a long distance and (therefore apparently) fully exhausted, They (nevertheless) climbed up a lofty mountain bearing the (significant) name of Pravarsana, where the glorious Indra (the god of rain) perpetually rains. Concluding Them to have hidden (somewhere) on the mountain and not knowing the (exact) place (of Their concealment), 0 protector of men, Jarasandha set the (whole) mountain ablaze with the help of piles of wood (with which the mountain was girt on all sides), strewing fire all round. Then, springing up with (great) impetuosity from the mountain-peak, which was ten and one Yojanas (or eighty-eight miles) high and whose sides were (all) burning, They descended on the plains (across the area occupied by the besieging army). Not being perceived by the enemy (Jarasandha) and his followers, Sri Krsna and Balarama (the two jewels of Yadu's race) came back to Their own city (Dwaraka), which had the sea for its moat, 0 protector of men ! Falsely taking Balarama and Sri Krsna (the Ruler even of Brahma and Lord Siva) as burnt (to death), the aforesaid Jarasandha (the Ruler of Magadha) too returned to Magadha taking (back with him) the very large army (brought by him to rout Sri Krsna). Urged by Brahma (the creator), the glorious Kakudmi (son of Revata), the suzerain lord of the Anartas (the modern Kathiawad or Saurashtra), gave away his daughter, Revati, to Balarama: this has already been narrated (by me in Book IX)[1].



  1. Vide verses 27 to 36 of Discourse III.

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