Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 13:11-20

Book 5: Chapter 13

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 13: Verses 11-20
Bharata allegorically represents this state of worldly existence as a forest and the doubts of Rahugana get resolved

And at some places they are unable to ward off (provide against) cold, the sun, storm and rain and sit down (helpless); while elsewhere they sell between themselves whatever commodity they have with them, and make enemies of one another, on the contrary, because of their greed. On some occasions, when impovarished and deprived of a bed, a mat etc., to squat on, a dwelling and conveyance (for a pleasure trip) in that forest, they ask these of another. But, on failing to secure the desired object, they cast a (wistful) look on others' property and incur ignominy. In spite of their feeling of animosity having been aggravated by their attraction for one another's wealth, they enter into marital relations with one another and, while sporting along this road, are reduced to a miserable condition through great many hardships, monetary losser and (other) calamities. Leaving behind all their deceased companions at different stages of their journey and taking with them every new-born babe, the company marches onward and onward. None of this company has returned (from the journey) to this day, O brave monarch, nor does anyone take to (the practice of) Yoga (methods of God- Realization), leading to the (other) extremity of the road. (Even great) heroes, who have completely subdued the great elephants guarding the quarters as well as the four intervening corners, all bite the dust on the field of battle, having contracted confirmed hostility with one another for the sake of (dominion over) the earth, claiming it as their own. None of them, however, attains the goal which is reached by the recluse (who has completely shaken off all forms of violence and) who is free from enmity.

Clinging to the arms (tiny shoots) of creepers and full of longing for sweetly warbling birds perched on them, they get strongly attached to some (unknown) place. And sometimes afraid of tigers, they make friends here with cranes, herons and vultures. Betrayed by them, they seek to join a flock of swans; but, not finding their behaviour to their liking, they approach monkeys and, their senses being fully gratified with the amorous sports natural to the race, each pair get so absorbed in looking at each other's face that they forget (even) their (fast approaching) death. Seeking delight in trees and fond of sons and wife, they are (ever) impatient with the animal desire for sexual indulgence and powerless to get rid of their bondage. When falling into some ravine through inadvertence, (a stray member of) this company catches hold of some creeper and remains suspended by it, afraid of the elephant (below). Somehow extricated from this calamity, however, he joins the company once more, O chastiser of foes ! No one put on this track by Maya (the deluding potency of the Lord, that has no beginning), and wandering (along it) is able to cognize the supreme object of life even to this day. You too have been put on this track, O Rahugapa; (therefore) completely abjuring (all forms of) violence and making friends with all living beings, do you take up the sword of wisdom, sharpened with the worship of Sri Hari and with a mind unattached to the pleasures of sense get to the (other) end of this road.



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