Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 19:12-25

Book 8: Chapter 19

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 19: Verses 12-25
The Lord asks three paces of land of Bali, who gives his word; while Sukra remonstrates with him against this course

Not perceiving Visnu, he actually spoke as follows:- "(The whole of) this universe has been (thoroyghly) searched by me (but in vain). The slayer of my brother has (therefore) surely reached-the realm (of Death) from which man does not return. The persistence in enmity of embodied souls in this world goes only so far, viz., till (the adversary's) death: And so does their wrath (the father of enmity), which has its root in ignorance (about the true nature of the Spirit, something distinct from the body) and which is nourished by egotism. Your father,, the celebrated Virocana (son of Prahrada), who was (so) fond of the Brahmanas, gave away his own life to the gods (his enemies), appearing in the guise of Brahmanas, when requested (by them), even though he knew their real character. You (too) have observed the rules of conduct followed by Brahmana householders (like Sukracarya), your (own) forbears (such as Virocana) and other heroes of wide renown. Of you as such, the foremost of the bestowers of boons, I ask a small strip of land, three paces long, as measured by my stride, O ruler of the Daityas ! I seek nothing else from your magnanimous self, the ruler of the world. Indeed a learned man receiving (by way of a gift only) as much as it is (actually) wanted by him incurs no sin (otherwise attaching to the man who accepts a donation).

Bali submitted : Oh, son of a holy Brahmana your words are commendable in the eyes of elders, although you are (yet) a body of puerile intellect, not properly alive to your own interest, in that you who, having won over by (your) words me, the undisputed ruler of (all) the worlds and (thus) capable of gifting a (whole) continent, ask (of me only) three paces (of land), unwise as you are ! Having approached (solicited) me, a man must not beg again. Therefore, O Brahmana boy, accept at will from me land enough to afford (you) a (decent) Iiving. The Lord said : All the dearest objects (or territories) in the three worlds, whatever they are, cannot satiate one who has not been able to subdue his senses and mind, O protector of men. He who is not satisfied with three paces (of land) cannot be sated even with a (whole) continent, consisting of nine Varsas (sub-continents), as he will be seized with a longing for (all) the seven Dwipas (main divisions of the globe). Prthu (the son of Vena), Gaya and other kings, suzerain lords of (all) the seven Dwipas, could not reach the end of (their) thirst following from riches and (other) objects of desire: so have we heard. A contented person subsists with ease on whatever is got by luck; (whereas) a discontented fellow of uncontrolled mind does not lead a happy life (even) with (the sovereignty of) the three worlds acquired by him. This discontentment with wealth and sense-enjoyment is responsible for the transmigration of a soul; (while) contentment with whatever is obtained by chance has been declared as conducive to Liberation.



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