Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 8:30-46

Book 8: Chapter 8

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 8: Verses 30-46
The manifestation (in a personal form) of the Lord's (own) enchanting potency

Then appeared the goddess presiding over the wine called Varuni, in the form of a maiden with lotus-like eyes.The aforesaid Asuras (Daityas and Danavas) caught hold of her, of course, with the approval of Sri Hari. Next arose from the ocean even as it was being churned by gods and Asuras (the sons of the sage Kasyapa), seeking nectar, O great king, a most wonderful personage with long and plump arms, a conch-shaped neck and reddish eyes,dark-brown (of hue), youthful (in age), wearing a wreath of flowers and adorned with all (kinds of) ornaments. He was clad in yellow, had a broad chest, was graced with a pair of very bright ear-rings made of gems, wore glossy and curly hair-tips (on his head) was charming (of every limb) and possessed of the gait of a lion. He carried (in his hands) a jar full of nectar and was decked with a pair of bracelets. Indeed he had emanated from a minute ray of Lord Visnu Himself. He was known by the name of Dhanvantari; (it was) he (who) revealed (to the world) the science of medicine and he enjoys a share in the sacrificial offerings. Perceiving him as well as the jar brimful with nectar, all the Asuras, who were eager to secure everything (churned out of the ocean), quickly snatched away the (precious) jar. On the aforesaid jar containing nectar being carried away by the Asuras, the gods felt dejected at heart and resorted for protection to Sri Hari. Noticing their helplessness as aforesaid, the Lord, who grants the wishes of His servants (devotees), said, " Do not feel depressed; I shall accomplish your purpose by stirring up feud among them as well as through My own deluding potency (in the form of a bewitching damsel).

A quarrel arose in their ranks inter se, O king, their mind being seized with a thirst for nectar. "I shall have it first, I shall have it first; not you, not you !" This is what they said to one another. "The gods, who have equally contributed to this consummation through (their) exertion, deserve their share in this prize as much as in (the merit resulting from) a sacrificial performance[1] undertaken by a community for common weal: such is the eternal law". In these words indeed did the weaker Daityas, in whom jealousy was aroused (by the selfishness of the usurpers) repeatedly protest against the stronger ones, that had taken possession of the jar, O Pariksit. In the meantime Lord Visnu, who knows (all) expedients, assumed the most amazing form of a damsel, which could not be described (in words). It was worth looking at intently, blue as an Utpala (a variety of lotuses) and comely of every limb. Its well-matched ears were decked with ornaments (ear-rings); its face was marked with lovely cheeks and a prominent nose. It had a waist slender (as it were) due to the weight of breasts fully developed as a mark of budding youth. Its eyes looked frightened by the humming of black bees attracted by the fragrance of its mouth. It bore on its head of hair a wreath of full-blown Mallikas (a species of jasmine); its neck was embellished with a necklace and the form was (further) graced with a pair of armlets worn round its shapely arms. (Nay,) it looked exceptionally charming due to its girdle that added to the beauty of its broad hips covered by a loin-cloth which was spotless white; and a pair of anklets adorned its feet that walked in a winsome manner. (Again,) it incessantly kindled passion in the breast of Daitya generals by its bashful smiles,dancing brows and amorous glances.

Thus ends the eighth discourse entitled "The manifestation (in a personal form) of the Lord's (own) enchanting potency", in Book Eight of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa- Samhita.


  1. "A Satrayaga has been defined as below:-' A Satra is that in which there are a number of sacrificers and a number of deities to be worshipped and in which gifts are bestowed on many.

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