Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 47:29-38

Book 10: Forty-seven Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 47: Verses 29-38

The glorious Lord says : Your separation from Me, the material cause of all (and therefore present in all as their very Self), is not possible under any circumstance. (Just) as the (five gross) elements-(viz.,) ether, the air, fire,water and earth-are present in (all) created beings (as their constituents), so am I, underlying as I do the mind, the vital airs, the elements, the Indriyas (the five senses of perception and the five organs of action) and the (three) Gunas (modes of Prakrti). in Myself (as the ground) do I create, maintain and (then) dissolve Myself (in the form of the cosmos) by dint of My own Maya (creative energy) by Myself in the form of the elements, the Indriyas and the Gunas. The Spirit is all knowledge, transcendent, unconnected with the (three) Gunas and (absolutely) pure (untainted by Maya). It is experienced through the (various) states of the mind (viz., wakefulness, the dream state and deep sleep), brought about by Maya. Remaining vigilant (all the time), one should (therefore endeavour to) control that mind through which one conceives the (various) objects of sense (viz., sound, touch, sight, taste and smell), though unreal-like one who, when awake, recalls the objects seen in a dream-and seizes the senses.
In the eyes of the wise, (the teachings of) the Vedas, the (eightfold) path of Yoga, the Sankhya system of philosophy (which differentiates Matter from the Spirit), renunciation, suffering hardships for the sake of one's faith, subjugation of one's senses and truthfulness have their goal in mind-control even as rivers terminate in the ocean. It is only with intent to focus your thought constantly on Me in order to ensure your mental proximity with Me that I, your Darling, am actually staying (so) far from your eyes. The mind of women as well as of others does not get so absorbed in the thought of their most beloved one living close by and open to their view as in that of one staying at a distance. Incessantly thinking of Me (as you do), having devoted to Me your whole (undivided) mind, which has completely shed all (other) thoughts, you will come to Me before long. Those blessed (cowherd) women who (having been held back by their husbands and others) stayed away in Vraja and could not (therefore) get an opportunity to sport with Me while I diverted myself in the woodland (of Vrndavana) one night attained to Me through contemplation on My exploits. Sri Suka continued : Delighted to hear the message of Sri Krsna (their most beloved Lord), the aforesaid women of Vraja spoke to Uddhava (as follows), their memories of Sri Krsna having been awakened by His message.



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