Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 47:16-19

Book 10: Forty-seven Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 47: Verses 16-19

Leave my foot, on which you have placed your head, acquainted as I am with you, who know how to win over others with blandishments and messages (of love), having learnt this art from Sri Krsna (who is a past master in such artifices). (Ah,) He left here us, who had for His own sake renounced our children, husband and (even happiness in) the other world (obtainable through virtuous conduct alone), fickle-minded as He is. What, then, is to be gained by coming to terms with Him ? Hard-hearted by nature, He (in His previous descent as Sri Rama) hit (with an arrow) Vail (the lord of the monkeys) like a hunter (without giving him any notice or challenging him to an open combat according to the established canons of warfare) and, domineered over by His Consort (Sita), deformed a woman (Surpanakha),who had approached Him with lust (in her heart). (Nay,) having accepted (as the divine Dwarf) Bali's worship (in the form of a gift of land measuring three strides) He bound him (even) as a crow would (in conjunction with other crows) surround (and plague) its feeder after eating the food offered by the latter.
Therefore, enough of friendship with those possessed of a dark hue. (Yet) the treasure in the form of His story is difficult to forgo. With (all) their natural propensities (in the form of likes and dislikes etc.),' existing as pairs of opposites uprooted by tasting but once even a small bit of His supremely delightful stories, which fall as nectar on their ears, and (thus) completely ruined (in the eyes of the world), and leaving all of a sudden their home and family in a wretched condition, many men here lead a life of mendicants, deprived of (all) enjoyment, like so many birds. Believing as true the (false) professions (of love) on the part of that Cheat, (even) as she-deer, the foolish companions of a black antelope, would put faith in the (deceptive) music of a hunter and suffer the torment of being hit with a shaft, we ignorant sweethearts of Sri Krsna have repeatedly suffered this fate, having been subjected to smarting pangs of love occasioned by the (loving) touch of His nails. (Therefore,) 0 messenger, let any other topic be discussed (and talk no more of Sri Krsna, whose very mention awakens memories that accentuate our agony of separation from Him).



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