Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 47:11-15

Book 10: Forty-seven Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 47: Verses 11-15

Musing over her (past) union with Sri Krsna and (presently) perceiving a black bee (before her), a certain Gopi (presumably Sri Radha Herself, the foremost and the beloved of all Gopis, some of whom loved Her even more than they loved Sri Krsna) fancied it to be a messenger despatched by Sri Krsna (her Darling) and spoke[1] as follows.

The Gopi said : 0 black bee (lit., the sucker of honey),O friend of Sri Krsna (a treacherous lover), (pray) do not touch our feet (by way of supplication) with your (moustache-like) tentacles tinged (red) with the saffron of the garland (of Sri Krsna) pressed against the breasts (painted with saffron) of our rivals (at Mathura). Let Sri Krsna (the Chief of the Madhus), whose messenger you are-you who are distinguished by such characteristics (as have been depicted just now)--bear (on His garland etc.), the token of favour (in the shape of marks of saffron etc.), of those proud ladies (of Mathura), which would be an object of ridicule for the court of the Yadus. (What will you gain by conciliating us rustic women of Vraja?) Having allowed us to drink the entrancing nectar of His lips (but) once, He deserted us, innocent women, all of a sudden (even) as a black bee like you would leave the (guileless) flowers. I wonder how Laksmi (who is reputed to be very clever and discerning) continues to serve His lotus-feet (which She would not if She came to know of His infidelity and ungratefulness) ?
Presumably She does so (only) because She has Her mind captivated alas ! by the honeyed words of our illustrious Lord (We for our part have grown too wise to be deceived any more by His false promises). Why do you, 0 six-legged one, glorify before us homeless people here at (such) length Sri Krsna (now the Lord of the Yadus), the (most) Ancient One (and therefore to well-known to us to need any introduction) ? Let His stories be (profitably) sung in the presence of the (blessed) lady companions of Sri Krsna (who is shortly going to be nicknamed as Arjuna's Friend). They will (in return for Your service) confer on you the object of your desire, beloved as they are of Him and have the agony of their heart soothed (by His loving embraces). What women are there on earth, in heaven or in the subterranean regions, who are hard to win for the playful movements of His eyebrows accompanied by His cunning and winsome smiles ? Of what account are we in His eyes, whose dust of feet (even) Laksmi (the goddess of fortune) worships? Nevertheless (tell Him that) the epithet of Uttamasloka (one enjoying excellent fame), as a matter of fact, applies to him who espouses the cause of the forlorn (like) us.



  1. Authoritative Vaisnava commentators like Sanatana Goswami, who are believed to have actually witnessed these Lilas of Sri Krsna and His beloved Gopis by the special grace of the Lord, have traced the following utterances to Sri Radha, on the basis of the Agni-Purana as well as on the strength of their own transcendent vision. Again, these utterances are believed to have escaped from the lips of Sri Radha in a state of divine ecstasy (Divyonmada), which has no parallel anywhere and is the special monopoly of Sri Radha, a unique personification of Mahabhava, the highest and purest form of divine Love. These utterances have also been classified under various heads such as Citrajalpa, which have been clearly defined in standard works on poetics like the Uijvala-nilamani of Rupa Goswami.

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