Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 16:38-47

Book 10: Sixteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 16: Verses 38-47

(How wonderful it is that even) this Kaliya (a ruler of the serpents), born of Tamoguna and belonging to the race called the Krodhavasas[1] has secured, 0 Lord, that dust, which cannot easily be attained by others. To an embodied soul revolving in the whirligig of mundane existence and seeking this dust the desired wealth (including final beatitude) becomes manifest. Hail to You, the infinite Lord, enshrined in (all) hearts (as their Inner Controller), the Support of (all) the (five) elements, eternally existent as the Cause (of all)! the Supreme Spirit (beyond all causes)! Salutation to You, the Absolute, the Storehouse of knowledge and consciousness, devoid of (all) attributes, immutable and endowed with infinite energy as the Propeller of Prakrti ! Hail to You, the Time-Spirit, as well as the Support of Time and (also) the Witness of the (various) divisions of Time, appearing in the form of the universe, as well as its Seer, the Maker of the universe, as well as its material Cause! Salutation to You (manifest) in the form of the (five) gross and the (five) subtle elements, the (ten) Indriyas(the senses of perception as well as the organs of action), the vital airs, the mind, the under-standing and the intellect ! Salutation to You, in the form of the ego, consisting of the three Gunas, that has screened the realization of the (innumerable) Jivas (embodied souls), constituting Your rays !
Salutation to You, who are infinite, subtle, immutable and omniscient, who (by Your Maya) are the subject of diverse theories and speculations and who are manifested in the form of the name, the object named and the power inherent in the name to denote a particular object. Hail to You, the Root of (all) the means of cognition, possessed of absolute knowledge, the Source of the scriptures I Hail, hail to You representing both worldly activity and withdrawal from it in the form of (the injunctions of) the Vedas ! Hail, hail to Sri Krsna, the Protector of Devotees, in the (four eternal) forms (Vyuhas) of Rama (Sankarsana), Vasudeva, Pradyumna and Aniruddha ! Salutation to the Illuminator of the inner sense[2] (in its four phases of mind, reason, the intellect and the ego), appearing in diverse forms after concealing Himself behind the three Gunas and indicated by the functions (such as cogitation, determination etc.) of (the aforesaid four phases of) the internal sense, their self-knowing Witness. Let our salutation be to You, O Ruler of the senses, whose glory cannot be comprehended through reasoning, who are the Originator and Revealer of all phenomena, who revel in Your own Self and are given to contemplation.



  1. Vide Verses 24 & 29 above.
  2. This refers again to the four Vyuhas mentioned above, presiding as they do severally over the four phases of the Internal sense.

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