Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 16:48-59

Book 10: Sixteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 16: Verses 48-59

Hail to You, who know the condition of the high and the low (alike), who preside over all, who lie beyond the universe and are the universe itself, the Witness as well as the Cause of the universe. Though destitute of desire, You actually bring about, 0 Lord, through the (three) Gunas (modes of Prakrti), the creation, preservation and dissolution of this universe, wielding as You do the eternal potency in the form of Time, and awakening by Your (very) penetrating look, the various dispositions, already present (in the Jivas in the form of predisposition) and (thus) carrying on Your sport, which is never futile. All these forms in the three worlds-(whether they are) gentle, violent (Rajasika) or belonging to an ignorant (subhuman) species (Tamasika)-pertain to You alone as described before (and exist for Your play).
Of course, at present, the gentle ones are dear to You since You have descended (on earth) with intent to maintain the righteousness of the virtuous and continue (here) with a view to protecting them. The fault once committed by his own dependent deserves to be forgiven by the master. (Therefore,) be pleased, 0 tranquil-minded Lord, to pardon the offence of this stupid creature that does not know You. Be gracious (to him), 0 Lord; the serpent is about to give up the ghost. Let our life in the form of our husband be vouchsafed to us (helpless) women, deserving to be pitied by the righteous. (Pray) ordain what should be done by us, Your maid-servants. For, one acting according to Your command with reverence is surely rid of mundane existence (which is beset with fear on all sides). Sri Suka continued : Thus fervently praised by the serpent's wives, the aforesaid Lord spared the cobra, that had fallen into a swoon, its hoods having been smashed with the blows of His heels. Having gradually recovered its senses and vitality and breathing in the normal way with difficulty, the wretched Kaliya prayed to Sri Krsna with joined palms (as follows)-
'We are wicked since (our very) birth, constituted as we are of (predominantly) Tamoguna and possessed of lasting anger. The natural disposition of living beings, 0 Lord, which is responsible for their identification with the body etc., (which is unreal) is difficult to give up. This universe, 0 Lord, which is a diversified product of the three Gunas, and is endowed with diverse peculiarities, bodily and organic strength, fecundity, power of procreation, latent desires, and external forms, has been evolved by You. And in that universe (too) we serpents, 0 Lord, are most ferocious by birth. How (then) can we get rid of Your Maya (deluding potency), which is (so) difficult to escape, by our own efforts (without Your grace), deluded as we are ! In fact, You, the omniscient Ruler of the universe, serve as an instrument in overcoming Your Maya. Therefore, show Your grace or mete out punishment to us as You think fit.



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