Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 7:32-42

Book 7: Chapter 7

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 7: Verses 32-42
(Prahrada's) teaching to the Daityas' sons

(Nay,) one should (as far as possible) duly gratify (the various) living beings with their objects of desire under the belief that the almighty Lord Sri Hari is present in all created beings. In this way devotion to the all-powerful Lord Vasudeva is practised by those who have subdued the six senses (including the mind, the internal sense)--devotion through which one fully develops love (for Him). When, on hearing (accounts) of His (brilliant) achievements, incomparable virtues and heroic deeds wrought through His (various) forms assumed for sport, the devotee sings loudly with an open throat and in a voice choked with tears, shouts and dances, his hair standing on end due to excessive delight, nay, when he, like one possessed by an evil spirit, now laughs, now weeps, now sits in meditation, now greets the people and now, devoid of shame, exclaims: "O Hari ! O Lord of the universe I! O Narayana !!!" with his mind fixed on the Lord (his very Self) and heaving a sigh every now and then, all his bonds get loosened at that time and his ignorance and latent desires are burnt; and his mind and body being attuned to Him through contemplation on His pastimes, the man attains to Lord Visnu (who is above sense-perception) by recourse to the highest device of Devotion.

The wise recognize (mental) communion with Lord Visnu as a (sure) means in this world of putting a stop to the cycle of birth and death in the case of an embodied soul of impure mind and they (further) recognize it as identical with the bliss of absorption into Brahma. Therefore, worship that Ruler of your heart in (the very lotus of) your heart. What extraordinary exertion, O demon boys, is involved in the worship of Sri Hari, one's own Self and friend, (nay) present in one's own heart like the space there? What is to be gained through efforts for the acquisition of objects of senses, such efforts being common to all embodied creatures ? Riches, wife, animals, sons and other relations, houses, land, elephants, treasury and luxuries (of various kinds)-(nay,) all kinds of wealth and enjoyments are momentary and fleeting. What delight can they afford to a mortal? Similarly the well-known (ethereal) worlds earned by means of sacrifices are (also) perishable and excelled by other (higher) worlds and are not free from impurities either (because exciting envy in the minds of others). Therefore, with a view to Self-Realization, worship, with absolute devotion, the supreme Lord, in whom no fault is seen or (even) heard of. (Besides) a man accounting himself wise (also) invariably obtains results which are quite the opposite of the object aiming at which he performs actions in this world time and again.The aim of a man given to action here is to secure happiness and freedom from misery. But he who was (formerly) filled with joy due to desirelessness ever reaps misery through desire (afterwards).



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