Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 7:43-55

Book 7: Chapter 7

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 7: Verses 43-55
(Prahrada's) teaching to the Daityas' sons

The very body for which the Jiva (an embodied soul) hankers after enjoyments through actions performed from interested motives actually belongs to others (in that it is sure to be devoured by dogs and jackals, crows and vultures, if left uncared for after death) and (is something that) hugs the soul and (having served it for a fixed time) departs-{leaves it). How much more so are one's progeny, wife, house, wealth and so on or (in the case of a sovereign) one's kingdom, treasury, elephants, ministers, servants and friends, that are connected with the Jiva only indirectly (through the body) and are treated as one's own (and not the very self) ! Of what avail can these trifling things-which are sure to disappear with the body and are (veritable) evils, though appearing as something worth seeking-be to the soul, the very ocean of eternal bliss ? (Just) consider what interest (enjoyment) can there be in this world, O demon boys, to the embodied soul, suffering through its (past) actions in all the stages commencing from conception (till death)? With the body as its (obedient) servant the embodied soul undertakes actions (of various kinds, both good and evil) and with (the aforesaid) actions moulds a (future) body (and the circle goes on from birth to birth) inasmuch as both (actions as well as the body) proceed from ignorance.

Therefore, worship through desirelessness the desireless and almighty Sri Hari, your very Self, on whom (our) riches, enjoyments and pious acts depend. Lord Sri Hari is the (very) Self, Ruler, beloved friend and Inner Controller of all living beings (whose bodies have been) fashioned by gross elements evolved (in their turn) by Himself. Taking shelter under the feet of Lord Visnu (the Bestower of Liberation), a god, demon, human being or Yaksa and even a Gandharva (a celestial musician) bids fair to become blessed as I. Neither birth as a member of the twice-born classes, god or Rsi nor character nor versatility nor charity nor austerity nor the performance of sacrifices nor purity (of mind and body) nor sacred vows are conducive to the pleasure of Lord Mukunda, O Asura boys I Sri Hari is propitiated through unalloyed Devotion (alone). All else is empty show. Therefore, practise devotion, O Danavas, to the almighty Lord Sri Hari, the Soul of all created beings, by treating every creature as though it were your very self. For there are (many) Daityas, Yaksas and ogres, womenfolk, Sudras (members of the labouring and artisan classes), cowherds, birds, beasts and those living by sin that have attained immortality (through Devotion). Exclusive devotion to Lord Govinda (the Protector of cows)-which is the same as beholding Him in every creature-this alone has been declared to be the highest interest (goal) of man in this world.

Thus ends the seventh discourse, entitled " (Prahrada's) Teaching to the Daityas'

sons", forming part of the Narrative of Prahrada, in Book Seven of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise

known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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