Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 12:12-23

Book 8: Chapter 12

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 12: Verses 12-23
Infatuation of Lord Sankara

Your descents (in the world of matter) when You carried on (Your) sport with the (three) Gunas (modes of Prakrti) have been seen by me. As such I long to behold that (bewitching) form of a damsel which was assumed by You (the other day). Eager to behold that form by which the Daityas were greatly enchanted and the gods given nectar to drink, we have come (to You); for great is our curiosity (with regard to that). Sri Suka continued: Thus entreated by Rudra (the Wielder of a trident), Lord Visnu heartily laughed a laugh which was pregnant with meaning and replied (as follows) to Lord Siva (who has His abode on Mount Kailasa).

The Lord said: The jar of nectar having disappeared (passed into the hands of the Daityas), the form of a (bewitching) damsel was assumed by me-for (exciting) wonder in the minds of the Daityas- having regard to the interests of the (outraged) gods (which could best be served in that way alone, woman being the most effective and appropriate means of infatuating and beguiling the treacherous and greedy Daityas, who had wrested the jar of nectar from the hands of Dhanvantari and thus deprived the fair-minded gods of their rightful share). To You, O chief of the gods, who are eager to behold it, I shall (presently) reveal that form, which excites passion (in the hearts of males) and (as such) is (so) valuable in the eyes of libidinous souls. Sri Suka went on: Saying thus, the Lord vanished on that very spot; while Lord Siva (the Source of the universe) waited (there) with Goddess Uma, casting (His) look all round.

Presently, in a garden (before Him) full of trees rich in blossoms of various kinds and rosy leaves, He beheld a most beautiful damsel with a girdle lying about her hips, that were wrapped with a brilliant piece of linen, delightfully sporting with the movements of a ball. She was so delicate that at every step she was getting broken as it were at the waist by the heavy weight of her (full) breasts, shaken by her bending and rising (with the downward and upward movements of the bounding ball), as well as of her exquisite (and solid) necklaces, and was taking her nimble feet-tender as young leaves-to and fro.

The pupils of her big and restless eyes looked very much agitated due to the unsteadiness of the ball, which was moving in every direction, and her countenance made lovelier by cheeks resplendent with a pair of ear-rings shining in her ears, as well as by dark tresses. Tightening her loosening garment and disturbed braid with her lovely left hand and striking the ball with the other, she was enchanting the world by her own Maya (ravishing power). Looking intently at her, the divinity was seduced by her glances flung at Him with a covert smile induced by slight bashfulness because of her playing with the ball as aforesaid. His mind being overpowered by His gazing at her and being gazed on by her in return, He lost (all) consciousness of Himself, of (His Consort) lima standing close by as well as of His own attendants. When, in the meanwhile, the ball escaped from her fingers to a long distance, lo I the wind blew off the fine texture (wrapped about her loins) girdle and all, (even) as she ran after the ball, while the god Siva (the Source of the universe) stood looking on.



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