Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 12:24-37

Book 8: Chapter 12

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 12: Verses 24-37
Infatuation of Lord Sankara

Beholding that fair-eyed and soul-ravishing girl, (so) beautiful to look at, in such a condition, Lord Bhava actually gave His heart to her, who gazing at Him with sidelong glances (and thus appeared to be enamoured of Him). Deprived by her of His good sense and overpowered with love evoked by her, He sought her presence unabashed even while Goddess Parvati (His own divine Spouse) stood looking on. The girl, stripped as she was of her cloth, felt much ashamed when she beheld Siva drawing near. Hiding behind the trees, she kept laughing, but did not tarry (anywhere). The almighty Siva, whose mind had been stolen (by that girl) and who was swayed by passion, followed her (even) as the leader of a herd of elephants would follow a she elephant. Pursuing the damsel with great speed and seizing her by braid, He brought her close to Him and folded her in His arms (even) though she was unwilling. Hugged by the Lord (even) as a she-elephant is covered by an elephant, she wriggled on this side and that (in order to escape from His grip), her hair getting dishevelled (in that attempt).

(Eventually) extricating herself from the embrace of Lord Siva (the foremost of the gods), O dear one, the said girl, who was no other than Maya (the deluding potency) conjured up by the Lord, ran away, even though she had large hips. As though completely overpowered by Love, His enemy, the aforesaid Rudra followed the steps of Lord Visnu of wonderful deeds in that form. Even as He pursued her, as the ruttish leader of a herd of elephants would run after a she-elephant desiring copulation, the seed of Lord Siva, possessed as He was of unfailing procreative energy, escaped.

The spots on earth where dropped the seed of that great soul came to be fields of silver and gold, O ruler of the globe! (In the course of His pursuit of that girl) Lord Siva (the Destroyer of the universe) was (found) present (near her) on the margin of rivers and lakes, on hill-tops, in forests and groves and wherever (else) sages dwelt[1]. The seed having escaped, He perceived Himself befooled by the Lord's Maya, jewel among kings,and (now) completely recovered from infatuation. Having forthwith realized the glory of Lord Visnu, the Soul of the universe, (nay,) His very Self, whose power cannot be fully known, He did not consider the event (of His being befooled by the Lord's Maya) as actually wonderful in any way. Lord Visnu (the Destroyer of the demon Madhu) was supremely delighted to find Lord Siva unperturbed and unabashed and, resuming His (original) masculine form, spoke (as follows).



  1. By visiting in the form of that bewitching girl the hermitages of aints and sages while being pursued by Lord Siva, lord Visnu indirectly showed to the sages how difficult it is to conquer the charms of a woman, which even Sankara, the crown-jesel of Yogis, failed to resist, much less others, who are an easy prey to lust.

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