Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 23:14-23

Book 10: Twenty-three Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 23: Verses 14-23
"Communicate to their wives the fact of my having arrived (here) along with Sankarsana (Balarama). They will give you food according to your desire, affectionate as they are (by nature) and living as they do in me through their mind." Presently the cowherd boys went and found the virtuous wives of the Brahmanas seated in the apartment reserved for the wives of the sacrificers, well adorned and, bowing to them, submissively spoke as follows:- "Hail to you, Brahmana ladies ! (Pray) listen to our words. We have been sent here by Sri Krsna, who is rambling not very far from this place. Pasturing the cows in the company of (other) cowherd boys and accompanied by Balarama, he has come far away (from home). Let some food be given to him, hungry as he is along with his followers." Hearing of Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord) having come (so) near, the Brahmana ladies-who had been ever anxious to have a look at Him, their mind having been lured by His stories-were seized with a flurry. Taking (with them) in vessels excellent food of four


kinds, they all marched towards their beloved Lord, like rivers flowing towards the ocean, even though they were being stopped by their husbands, brothers and other relations, as well as by their sons, their mind being set on the illustrious Lord because of their having heard of Him for a long time. The ladies (presently) beheld Sri Krsna sauntering in a grove on the bank of the Yamuna--beautified by fresh leaves of Atoka trees- surrounded by (other) cowherd boys and accompanied by His. elder brother. Dark-brown of hue He had about His loins a golden piece of silk; adorned with a garland of sylvan flowers, peacock feathers and tender leaves and painted with minerals, He presented the appearance of an actor (on the stage); He rested one hand on the shoulder of a devoted companion and was swinging a lotus with the other; He wore a pair of water-lilies on His ears and a smile on His lotus-face, His curly locks hanging on His cheeks. Ushering into their heart by the gates of their eyes Him on whom they had set their mind through the glories of that most loved One-which they had often heard and which had served as an embellishment for their ears-and embracing Him (there) for a pretty long time, they shook off their agony (of separation from Him), even as men with an egotistic turn of mind are rid of their anguish on embracing an enlightened soul, 0 ruler of men !



  1. The four kinds of food mentioned in our scriptures are:-
    (1) , that which can be easily gulped, such as porridge;
    (2) , that which has to be masticated before it can be swallowed;
    (3) , that which can be licked, e. g.; chutney ;and
    (4) , that which is sucked; e.g., an orange or sugarcane.

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