Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 23:24-33

Book 10: Twenty-three Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 23: Verses 24-33

Even though He had come to know that they had arrived (there) under the aforesaid circumstances (in the teeth of opposition of all their people) with the (sole) desire to see Him and having given up all hopes (of returning to their home and being welcomed again by their husbands and other relations), Sri Krsna (the Witness of all minds) addressed them as follows with a smiling face:- "Welcome is your visit (to this place), 0 highly blessed ladies ! Let yourselves be (comfortably) seated. What can We do for you ? It is but proper for you that you have come with a longing to see Me (disregarding all impediments). Surely the wise, who realize their own interests, duly practise disinterested and uninterrupted devotion direct to Me, their own beloved Self. Indeed, who else could be dearer than one's own self, through contact with whom life and intellect, mind and body, kinsfolk, wife, progeny and wealth etc., are dear ? Therefore, return to the sacrificial hall, where your husbands-who are Brahmana householders-will successfully, conclude their sacrificial session with your help." The wives (of the Brahmanas) said : It is not becoming of You, 0 almighty Lord, to utter such cruel words. (Pray) vindicate the Vedic dictum, "One does not return"[1] (on having attained to Me).
Ignoring all our near and dear ones we have sought the soles of Your feet in order to wear on our locks the wreath of Tulasi leaves kicked off (even indifferently at us) by You. Neither our husbands, parents, and sons, nor our brothers, kinsmen and other relations would accept us; how, then, would others receive us ? Therefore, (pray) so ordain, 0 subduer of foes, that no other asylum may be left to us, whose body has fallen down at the fore part of Your feet. The glorious Lord said : Your husbands, parents, brothers, sons and other people will not be angry with you since you have been favoured by Me; (nay) even the gods (over there) approve of your conduct. Indeed bodily contact (with Me) does not tend to the gratification or to heighten the love of men in this world. Therefore, devoting your mind to Me you will attain to Me before long. Sri Suka continued : Thus addressed (by the Lord), the sages' wives mentioned before returned to the sacrificial grounds. (Nay,) not finding fault with them, the sages too successfully concluded the sacrificial session with the help of their wives.



  1. न स पुनरावर्तते।

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