Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 15:9-22

Book 10: Fifteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 15: Verses 9-22

Sri Suka continued : Delighted thus at heart at the sight of the glorious Vrndavana, Sri Krsna with His followers (the cowherds) diverted Himself while pasturing His cattle on the river banks in the vicinity of the mountain (Govardhana). Adorned with a garland and accompanied by Sankarsana (Balarama), He sometimes sang in the midst of humming bees blinded with intoxication (caused by the sucking of honey), His exploits being celebrated by His followers (the gods or cowherds). Now He uttered a (shrill) cry in imitation of the crying of swans while at other times He danced in front of a dancing peacock, delighting it (thereby). In a voice sonorous like the rumbling of clouds and fascinating to the cows and the cowherds, He would sometimes lovingly call cows, that had strayed far away, by their names. He imitated the cries of Cakoras, Krauncas (curlews), Cakravakas (ruddygeese), the Bharadwajas (skylarks) and peacocks and now in the midst of animals He would behave like one afraid of the tiger and the lion. At times He would Himself refresh Balarama (His elder brother)-exhausted with play and lying with his head placed on the pillow-like lap of a cowherd-by kneading his feet and other services.
With Their hands clasped together the two Brothers sometimes laughed and applauded the cowherd boys when the latter danced, sang, ran or wrestled with one another. Overcome with fatigue in combat, He sometimes lay down in beds of tender leaves (prepared by His playmates) at the foot of a tree with His head placed in the pillow-like lap of a cowherd. Some boys kneaded the feet of that great soul, while other sinless ones cooled Him with fans (made of leaves etc.). With their mind steeped in love, 0 great king others would gently sing songs befitting the occasion and pleasing to the mind of the great soul. With His reality thus fully concealed by His own deluding potency and imitating the ways of a cowherd boy by His conduct, Sri Krsna-whose tender feet are caressed by Rama (the goddess of prosperity) and who would (now and then) behave as the almighty Lord (Himself) sported like a rustic in the company of rustics. A cowherd boy, Sridama by name, a (bosom) friend of Balarama and Sri Krsna (the Protector even of Brahma and Siva), and other Gopas, the foremost among them being Subala and Stoka-Krsna, lovingly spoke to Them (as follows;-"0 mighty-armed Balarama, 0 delighter of all, 0 Krsna, the Destroyer of the wicked ! not very far from this place there lies a very extensive forest[1] thick with rows of palmyra trees. Plenty of fruits lie fallen there and continue to fall; but they are guarded by the wicked Dhenuka.



  1. The site is now located in the south-west of Mathuya at a distance of eight miles from Govardhana, and is known by the name of Talsi or Tarphara.

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