Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 15:23-37

Book 10: Fifteenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 15: Verses 23-37

He is a demon of great prowess, disguised as a donkey, 0 Rama, 0 Krsna, and is surrounded by many other donkeys equal in strength to him. The forest is (therefore) never resorted to, 0 Slayer of foes, by men, afraid of that demon, who has tasted the human flesh; nay, it is shunned (even) by herds of cattle and flights of birds. The fruits have never been tasted (by us) before and are sweet-smelling (too); their delicious smell, which has spread all round, can be directly perceived even here. 0 Krsna, make them available to us, whose mind has been lured by their odour. Great is our longing (for them), 0 Rama; let us go (there) if it pleases you. The two almighty Lords heartily laughed to hear the above prayer of Their friends and, accompanied by cowherds, proceeded to the forest of palmyra trees with intent to oblige Their loving companions. Entering the forest and thoroughly shaking the palm trees on all sides with both His arms Balarama, like the young of an elephant, caused their fruits by (sheer) bodily strength to fall down. Hearing the sound of the falling fruits, the demon in the guise of a donkey rushed (towards Balarama,) making the earth's surface quake along-with mountains. Coming up with great speed, the powerful demon struck Balarama in the chest with both of his hind legs; and, giving forth a harsh cry, the wicked fellow ran hither and thither.
Coming up again in a rage and standing with its back turned towards Balarama, the donkey kicked up its hind heels in violent anger against him, 0 king ! Seizing it by the fore part of its feet with one hand and whirling it, Balarama dashed it, against the foot of a palmyra, the demon having given up the ghost in the (very) process of whirling. Shaking when struck by that carcass, the huge palm tree with its extensive top crashed shaking the adjoining tree. The latter (too) fell down shaking (still) another, and that too came down shaking a fourth (and so on). Hit (indirectly in succession) by the tree which was struck by the carcase of the donkey dashed in sport by Balarama, all the palm trees (of that forest) shook as if swept by a hurricane. This was indeed no miracle on the part of the almighty Balarama, (who was no other than Lord Ananta, the serpent-god), the Ruler of the universe, in whom this universe is woven, warp and woof, as a piece of cloth in the threads, 0 dear one! Their relation (Dhenuka) having (thus) been killed, the donkeys, the kindred of Dhenuka, all then rushed in fury towards Sri Krsna and Balarama too. Sri Krsna and Balarama, 0 protector of men, playfully dashed them against the palm trees, seizing them by their hind heels, even as they came rushing towards Them.



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