Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 1:11-22

Book 10: First Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 1: Verses 11-22

Having assumed a human semblance, for how many years did He reside in the company of the Vrsnis at Mathura (the capital of the Yadus), and how many were the wives of the Lord ? You ought to relate fully to me, endowed (as I am) with faith, O omniscient sage, this and all other exploits of Sri Krsna. This hunger, (so) very difficult to bear, does not (at all) afflict me, although I have given up even water, drinking as I am the nectar of Sri Hari's story, flowing from your lotus lips. Suta resumed : Having heard the said laudable question, 0 Saunaka (a scion of Bhrgu), and complimenting Pariksit (the protege of Lord Visnu), the glorious sage Suka (the son of Vyasa), the foremost of the Lord's devotees, proceeded to narrate (as follows) the story of Sri Krsna, that destroys the impurities of the Kali age.
Sri Suka replied : Your mind has arrived at a right conclusion, O jewel among royal sages, as a sequel to which lasting devotion to the story of Lord Vasudeva has sprung up in your heart. An inquiry concerning the story of Lord Vasudeva indeed purifies all the three persons, viz., the reciter, the interlocator and the audience (even) as the water touched by the Lord's feet (the water in which an image of the Lord has been washed or the Ganga) hallows all. Oppressed with stupendous weight by millions of detachments of Daityas in the disguise of arrogant kings, Mother Earth sought Brahma (the creator) as her refuge. Appearing as a disconsolate cow, its face wet with tears and piteously lowing, she sought the presence of Brahma (the supreme ruler) and told him of her distress. Realizing her calamity, Brahma accompanied by Lord Siva (the three-eyed One) forthwith proceeded to the shore of the ocean of milk (the abode of Lord Visnu) along with the (other) gods as well as with her.
Having arrived there and fully collected (in mind), Brahma prayed to Lord Visnu, the Supreme Person, the Ruler of the universe, the adored (even) of the gods, in the terms of the Purusa-SUkta (a celebrated Vedic hymn addressed to the Supreme Person). Hearing in the course of a trance (state of complete absorption) a voice uttered in the sky (the source of which was invisible), the creator clearly said to the gods (as follows): "Hear from me, O gods, the word of the Supreme Person, and then do accordingly at once; let there be no delay. The affliction of Mother Earth had already been known by the Supreme Person. (Therefore) let yourselves be born among theYadus in part manifestation (and continue there) till that suzerain Lord walks on earth, reducing the burden of Mother Earth through His own (Divine) Energy in the shape of Time.



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