Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 8:14-24

Book 9: Chapter 8

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 8: Verses 14-24
The story of King Sagara

How could there be a sense of difference (as between a friend and a foe) in the omniscient Lord Kapila, who is the same as the supreme Spirit, and by whom has been launched in (the ocean of) this world the strong vessel in the form of Sankhya (philosophy), with the help of which a seeker after Liberation is able to cross the ocean-so difficult to cross-of worldly existence, the pathway to death? He who is referred to (by the ignorant) under the name of Asamanjasa (i.e., not good, although-really speaking-he was exceedingly good) was another son of Emperor Sagara, born of Kesini (another wife of the emperor). And Asamanjasa's son, who was devoted to the interests of his grandfather (King Sagara), was named Amsuman. Asamanjasa-who was given to contemplation in his previous birth, but had strayed from the path of Yoga through evil association, although he (still) remembered his previous birth--showed himself as a wicked fellow. He did what was reproachful (in the eyes of the world) and (as such) unpalatable to his relations (too). (For example) he hurled forth playing children into the (river) Sarayu, (thus) frightening the people. Conducting himself in this way, he was actually forsaken (exiled) by his father, who set aside his (parental) affection. Showing (to his father as alive) the children (that had been drowned in the river and taken for dead) by virtue of his Yogic power, Asamanjasa departed from that place (Ayodhya). Seeing their (lost) children as having returned (to fife), all the residents of. Ayodhya felt (much) amazed,-0 Pariksit; and the king (Sagara) too was filled with (great) remorse. Commanded by the emperor, Amsuman (Asamanjasa's son) went out in search of the (sacrificial) horse by the path dug out by his uncles, and discovered the horse near (a number of) heaps of ashes. Beholding Lord Visnu (who is above sense-perception) seated in the garb of a sage bearing the name of Kapila, the great Amsuman glorified the Lord with a collected mind (in the following words) bowing down (to Him) with joined palms. Amsuman prayed : (Even) Brahma (who is not born like us) is unable even to this day to perceive (directly) through Samadhi (abstract meditation of self-absorption) or (even) to comprehend through reasoning of various kinds You, who are higher than his own self. How (then) could other living beings-belonging to various species (such as gods, men and sub-human creatures), evolved (severally) by his mind, body and intellect (the products of Sattva, Tamas and Rajas respectively), much less we (youngsters altogether) devoid of light (wisdom), perceive or know You ? They who are identified with a body and are (consequently) dominated by the (aforesaid) three Gunas, (nay,) whose intellect is bewildered by Your Maya (deluding potency) and whose light (of wisdom) illuminates (only) the objects of senses (which are external to the mind), perceive (only such) objects of senses (during their waking and dream states) and (sheer) darkness (total lack of knowledge) in the other case (during deep sleep). They (however) are unable to realize You (who transcend the three Gunas), even though You (ever) dwell in them (as their very Self and Inner Controller too). Such that You are, how can I, an ignorant person, (even) investigate You, who are knowledge personified (and hence incapable of being known) and are (only) fit to be contemplated upon by sages like Sanandana, who have by their very birth got rid of the notion of difference and infatuation, born of the attributes of Maya (modes of Prakrti, viz., Rajas and Tamas respectively)?



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