Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 9 Chapter 24:24-41

Book 9: Chapter 24

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 9: Chapter 24: Verses 24-41
An account of the posterity of Yadu

Kamsa, Sunama and Nyagrodha, Kanka and Sanku, Suhu, Rastrapala, Srsti and Tustiman were the (nine) sons of Ugrasena. Kamsa, Kamsavati, Kanka, Surabhu and Rastrapalika were the daughters of Ugrasena, (all) wives of Vasudeva's younger brothers (Devabhaga and others). [1] From (the loins of) Viduratha (the son of Citraratha) appeared Sura, whose son was Bhajamana. From Bhajamana followed Sini, of whom was born Swayambhoja; and Hrdika was recognizd as the latter's son. Devabahu, Satadhanva and Krtavarma were the sons of Hrdika. Sura (Surasena) was the son of Devamidha (who is known from other sources* to be the fourth son of Hrdika). Sara's wife was Marisa by name. Through her he begot ten faultless sons-Vasudeva, Devabhaga, Devasrava, Anaka, Srnjaya, Syamaka, Kanka, Samika, Vatsaka and Vrka. They call Vasudeva-a (fit) receptacle for the descent of Sri Hari-as Anakadundubhi inasmuch as on the (happy) occasion of his birth kettledrums (Dundubhis) and larger drums (Anakas) of the gods sounded (of themselves). Prtha (Kunti) and Srutadeva, Srutakirti, Srutasrava and, Rajadhidevi-these five girls were the sisters of the aforesaid (Vasudeva and others). Their father, Sura, actually gave Prtha (in adoption) to his friend, Kunti, who was issueless. From the sage Durvasa, who got highly pleased with her (for her services rendered to him when he called on her father as an unexpected guest), she received a (certain) Mantra by means of which gods can be easily invoked; (and) in order to test its efficacy she invoked the lustrous sun-god. Astonished in mind to behold the god arrived in her presence that very moment, she (apologetically) said, "The spell was employed by me for the sake of trial (alone). (Therefore, kindly) return and forgive me (my audacity)." (The sun god replied,) "My sight never goes in vain, 0 godly virgin! I intend to beget a son through you. I shall (so) arrange that your virginity is not impaired, 0 beautiful damsel !" So saying, the son-god deposited his seed in her womb and returned to heaven. That very moment a male child-who was another sun as it were, was born of her without any travail. Afraid of the world (however), she painfully consigned the child to the stream of a river. (Later on) your great grandfather, Pandu, of genuine valour duly married her. Again, Vrddhasarma, a scion of Karusa, duly espoused Srutadeva, of whom was born Dantavaktra, who was (first) born of Diti (as the demon Hiranyaksa), because cursed by the sages (Sanaka and others). And Dhrstaketu, the (then) ruler of the territory of Kekaya, took Srutakirti to wife. His sons were Santardana and others, the five princes of Kekaya. Through Rajadhidevi (his wife) Jayasena-so the tradition goes-begot Vinda and Anuvinda (who became rulers of Avanti); (while) Damaghosa, the king of Cedi, accepted (for his wife) Srutasrava. The latter's son was Sisupala, the story of whose birth has already been told* Citraketu and Brhadbala were the sons of Devabhaga by his wife Kamsa. Suvira and Isuman were the two sons of Devasrava by Kamsavati, while Satyajit as well as Purujit were born of Kanka, through Anaka.



  1. The Visnupurana says:-It is on the authority of this passage in the Visnupurana that Kukura and others have been concluded to be the sons of Andhaka, although the latter's name has not been mentioned in the text here.

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