Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 4:15-26

Book 8: Chapter 4

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 4: Verses 15-26
Deliverance of the lord of the elephants

Rising (early) in the morning, and getting purified, members of the twice-born classes, seeking (their own) welfare, duly recite this story for neutralizing (the evil effects of) a bad dream and so on. full of joy, the all-pervading Sri Hari, who embodies all created beings, told the (quondam) king of elephants as follows, O jewel of the Kurus, all living beings (present there) listening. The Lord said: Rising at the close of the third watch of the night (that immediately following midnight), nay purified and fully composed (in mind), they who remember Me and yourself as well as this lake, the yonder mountain (Trikuta) with (its) caves and the forest (clothing it), the clusters of canes and bamboos, (both) of the hollow and solid types, the celestial trees (comprised in this forest), these (three) peaks (of the Trikuta mountain), the realms of Brahma (the creator), Lord Siva and Myself, the ocean of milk and the resplendent (transcendent) Swetadwipa, each being My favourite abode, Srivatsa (the curl of hair on My breast), the Kaustubha gem (on my bosom) as well as My garland of sylvan flowers or My necklace of pearls (known by the name of Vaijayanti), My mace, Kaumodaki, (My discus) Sudarsana, (My conch) Pancajanya, (My mount) Garuda (possessed of beautiful wings), the king of birds, Sesa (the

serpent-god), who is My subtle emanation, Goddess Sri (Laksmi, the goddess presiding over beauty and prosperity), who has Her abode in Me (on My very bosom), Brahma (the creator), the sage Narada, Lord Siva (the Source of prosperity) as well as (My eminent devotee) Prahrada, the (numerous) deeds performed through My (various) descents such as the (divine) Fish, Tortoise and Boar, (the very stories of) which yield an inexhaustible store of merit (to the listeners), the sun-god, the moon-god, the god of fire (the consumer of oblations), Pranava (the mystical syllable OM), truth, the Unmanifest (primordial Matter), the cow and the Brahmanas, the immortal religion (the cult of devotion to the Lord), the daughters of Daksa who are the wives of Dharma (the god of piety) as well as of the moon-god and Kasyapa, the (rivers) Ganga, Saraswati, Nanda(Alakananda) and Kalindi (Yamuna), the white elephant (Airavata, the mount of Indra, the lord of paradise), (My immortal devotee) Dhruva, the seven Brahmana sages and men of sacred renown (such as Nala, Yudhisthira and Janaka), (that are all) My (glorious) manifestations, are actually freed from all sin. And to them who, waking at the close of night (the commencement of the period known as the Brahma Muhurta, which extends over two hours and twenty-four minutes before sunrise), extol Me by means of this hymn (mentally recited by you), O dear one, I vouchsafe unclouded memory (of Myself) at the moment of death-Sri Suka went on": Having spoken thus and blowing His excellent conch (Pancajanya) and (thereby)delighting the host of gods, Sri Hari (The Controller of the senses) mounted Garuda (the king of birds).

Thus ends the fourth discourse entitled " The deliverance of the king of

elephants" in Book Eight of the great and glorious Bhagavata-

Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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