Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 3:12-21

Book 8: Chapter 3

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 3: Verses 12-21
The leader of the elephants extols the Lord and is rescued from the dangerous situation

Hail to Him who having adopted the characteristics of the (three)modes of Prakrti, (severally) appears as serene, dreadful and infatuated, but who is (really) destitute of (all) difference and uniform (in every respect). Hail to Him who is wisdom crystallized (as distinguished from Prakrti, which, though undifferentiated and uniform like Him, is devoid of consciousness). (My) bow to You, the Knower of (all) psycho-physical organisms, the Ruler and Witness of all ! Salutations to the Source of all Jivas (embodied souls) as well as of Prakrti (the ultimate cause of the universe), because existent before them all. (My) greetings to You, the Perceiver of all the senses of perception as well as of their objects, the Source of all (the varieties of) cognitions, who are indicated (even as a material body by its reflection) by the phenomenal existence (in the shape of the psycho-physical organism) as well as by Nescience (the root of all phenomena) inasmuch as it is You who are reflected in the shape of existence (in every phenomena).

Hail, hail to You, the Cause of all (effects), Yours If without a cause, and a wondrous cause (in the sense that unlike other causes You remain unchanged even though assuming the form of the universe). Salutations to You, constituting the great ocean to which all Tantras (such as the Pancaratra) and Vedas (like so many streams) are directed, the embodiment of final beatitude, the refuge of the great !! I bow to the Lord, who is the fire of Consciousness hidden in the Aranis (pieces of wood used for kindling fire by attrition) of the Gunas (the modes of Prakrti), whose creative will is aroused when the equilibrium of the Gunas is disturbed, and who reveals Himself of His own accord to (the mind of) those ( enlightened souls) who have kept at a distance (the injunctions and interdictions of) the Sastras by dint of contemplation on the truth of the Spirit.

(My) bow to the Lord of boundless compassion who is not only ever free (Himself) but is also capable of finally undoing the cords(of ignorance) binding the beast-like (ignorant) souls akin to me fallen at His mercy, nay, who knows no weariness (in doing this work )! (My greetings to You, the almighty and infinite Lord, who by a part of Your being appear as the Inner Controller in the mind of all embodied souls !! Hail to the all-powerful Lord Who, [1] being entirely free from attachment to the objects of senses, is (consequently) unattainable by those attached to their body, children, friends, house, wealth and kinsmen and Who, being consciousness itself, is constantly contemplated upon by emancipated souls in their own heart.May that Lord of unbounded mercy bring about my complete deliverance (from the clutches of this monster as well as from the bondage of worldly existence), by worshipping Whom those seeking religious merit, objects of sensuous enjoyment, (worldly) riches and final beatitude attain their desired goal, nay, Who grants them other (unexpected) boons (too) as well as an undecaying (divine) body (in which they sport with Him). I glorify that imperishable, all-pervading, (most) subtle (mysterious), infinite and absolutely perfect Supreme, the (very) First principle, the Ruler(even) of the greatest (Brahma, Siva and soon) Who, though unmanifest (to those who do not worship Him) is attainable (by His worshippers) through Yoga (concentration of mind) directed towards the supreme Spirit (Himself), Who is beyond the(range of the material) senses and (though near at hand, being our very self) appears as though exceedingly remote (being veiled by His deluding potency), and from whom people exclusively devoted to Him, (nay,) even those who have sought shelter in the Lord do not seek any boon (in the shape of religious merit and so on), but are immersed in an ocean of bliss while singing His most marvellous and highly auspicious stories.



  1. [564] B. M. 27-

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