Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 2:20-28

Book 8: Chapter 2

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 2: Verses 20-28
The lord of elephants is caught in the grip of an alligator

In that garden, one day, the leader of a herd of elephants, that had its abode in the forest of that mountain, was roaming about with (a number of) female elephants, breaking (its) thorny trees and a large thicket consisting of various types of bamboos (such as Kicakas) and canes. Perceiving it by scent alone, lions and (other) leaders of elephants, tigers and other beasts of prey, including rhinoceroses, and even huge serpents, black and white Sarabhas (eight-footed animals, now extinct, represented as stronger than the lion and the elephant) and Camaris (female yaks) took to flight out of fear.

The weaker animals, viz., wolves,boars, bisons, bears, porcupines, baboons, hyenas and monkeys as well as antelopes,hares etc., fearlessly roamed about elsewhere (outside the range of its sight) by its sufferance. Surrounded by (other) elephants (of its herd) and female elephants (too) and followed by their youngs, the elephant, that was emitting temporal fluid (all along) and was consequently being dogged by swarms of black-bees that fed on that fluid, was shaking the mountain on every side by its (huge) weight. Scenting from a long distance the breeze blowing from the lake-charged as it was with the pollen of lotuses-and accompanied by its herd, which was (likewise) oppressed with thirst, the elephant now swiftly made to the vicinity of the lake, afflicted as it was by heat, its eyes rolling under the influence of that temporal fluid. Making its way into the lake, bathing itself with its water, and thus relieved of fatigue, it drank to its satisfaction the clear and nectar-like water perfumed with the pollen of golden and blue lotuses with the tip of its proboscis. Spraying the female elephants as well as their youngs with drops of water drawn by its own trunk and making them drink it, full of compassion (as it was for its herd), like a householder, the proud elephant, infatuated by the deluding potency of the eternal Lord, did not foresee the (impending) peril. Directed by destiny, O protector of men, some very powerful alligator indignantly seized the elephant by the foot in that lake. Thus fallen into adversity by the will of Providence, that mighty elephant struggled to the utmost of its strength (to shake off the enemy's hold). Perceiving the leader of their herd being thus forcibly dragged by the mighty foe, and unable to help itself, the female elephants, whose mind was (greatly) perplexed, (merely) shrieked; while the other elephants, even though they tried (their utmost) to help their leader (from behind), could not liberate it.



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