Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 8 Chapter 24:17-31

Book 8: Chapter 24

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 8: Chapter 24: Verses 17-31
The story of the descent of the divine Fish recounted

Growing in that Kamandalu (a water-pot made of wood or the shell of a cocoanut) in the course of a single night, however, and not finding (enough) space for itself in it, the fish actually said to the king as follows:-- "I am not able to live in this Kamandalu (even) with difficulty. (Therefore,"kindly) find (for me) a sufficiently extensive abode, in which I may comfortably live." Removing it from the Kamandalu, he placed it in the water of a pitcher. (Even when) thrown into it, the fish grew to a size of three cubits in the course of less than an hour (and said:-) "(Even) this water-jar is not sufficient for me to live in at ease, O king! (Therefore, kindly) let me have spacious accommodation, since I have sought you as my refuge. Having been removed from the water-jar, the fish was thrown by the king into a good (extensive) pond, O Pariksit! The same fish (however, instantly) grew to be a monstrous fish and covered the (whole) lake with its body. (The fish said:) "The water of this lake (too), O king, is not to my comfort. (Therefore, please) put me in a (large and deep) lake containing (an) inexhaustible (store of) water with adequate arrangements for my sustenance during the transit." Thus spoken to, the king took the fish by turns to a number of lakes of inexhaustible water (each succeeding one being larger than the previous one); but, finding it equal in size to each (such) lake, (eventually) transferred it to the ocean.

While being led (into the ocean), the fish spoke to him as follows: "Mighty alligators and other (aquatic) creatures in this ocean may eat me, O valiant monarch! You should not (therefore) leave me here." Thus deluded by the fish, that spoke (such) charming words, the king said (to it): "Who are You, bewitching us (as You do) in the form of a (gigantic) whaleNo aquatic creature possessed of such 9wonderful) power as you has (ever) been seen or (even) heard of by us-You, who have grown in a day large enough to cover the whole lake, eight hundered miles in extent. You are undoubtedly the immortal Lord Narayana Himself, the Destroyer of sins, who have assumed the form of aquatics (whales) in order to shower Youdr grace on (all) created beings. Hail to You, O supreme Person, controlling the (cosmic) functions of creation, maintenance and dissolution! You are the true Self as well as the goal of us, your devotees, that have sought You 9for protection). (Although, generally speaking,) all your sportful descents are conducive to the welfare of (all) living beings, I wish to know (in particular) the purpose for which this form (of a whale) has been assumed by You. it is not futile to take shelter under Your feet, O lotus-eyed Lord, as it is to approach the feet of those who are identified with the body, You being the disinterested friend, nay, the beloved Self of all, (as is evident from the ffact that) You have recealed Your wonderful form to us, Your devotees. Sri Suka continued : To king Styavrata. who had spoken thus, the Lord of the universe-who desired to sport in the ocean for the dissolution of the universe at the end of the Kalpa (which was imminent) and had accrdingly assumed the form of a fish, (nay,) who sought to do a good turn to the king, fond to he is of those exclusively devoted to Him-said (as follows)



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