Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 9:37-43

Book 7: Chapter 9

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 9: Verses 37-43
A Eulogy of the Lord (by Prahrada)

Assuming the form of Lord Hayagriva (who was endowed with a horse's head) and having slain the two mighty enemies of Veda, Madhu and Kaitabha by name, the embodiments of Rajas and Tamas respectively, (who had snatched away the Vedas and were bent upon killing Brahma,) You restored to Brahma the Vedic texts, (which are a symbol of Sattva or enlightenment and which taught to him the means of pushing the work of creation). (For) they declare Sattva to be Your most beloved body. In this way You protect the (different) worlds and destroy the enemies of creation through Your (numerous) descents in the form of human beings (such as Sri Rama and Sri Balarama), beasts (such as the divine Boar), seers (such as the sages Nara and Narayana), gods (such as Vamana, the divine Dwarf), and the (divine) Fish, and maintain (the standards of) virtue prevalent in the various Yugas, O supreme Person ! (And) because You remain hidden (unmanifest) in the Kali age, hence You as such are called Triyuga (the Lord manifest in the first three Yugas, viz., Satya, Treta and Dwapara only).

This mind (of mine), O Lord of Vaikuntha, does not find sufficient delight in Your stories, vitiated as it is by sins, (nay,) grossly wicked, morbid due to lust and afflicted with joy and grief, fear and (the threefold) craving (for progeny, wealth and fame). With such a mind how can I, a wretched creature, contemplate on Your essential nature ? Not fully gratified, the palate pulls me, O immortal Lord, in one direction (towards dainties); the generative organ drags me in another direction (towards sexual gratification); the tactile sense, the (empty) stomach and the sense of hearing pull me in other directions (viz., towards objects that are pleasant to touch, substantial food and a melodious sound or voice respectively); the olfactory sense drags me in a quite different direction (towards sweet-smelling flowers, scents and so on); while the eyes, which are (very) restless, and the faculties (organs) of action pull me in yet other directions (viz., towards things of beauty and the objects to be attained through the various organs of action). (All) these tear me (even) as a number of co-wives wrench a householder (each to her bedroom). Perceiving (all) these foolish creatures fallen thus in consequence of their own (evil) actions into the Vaitarani[1] of metempsychosis and exceedingly afraid of birth, death and suffering proceeding from one to another and making friendship with the bodies of their own people and enmity with the bodies of others, (pray,) protect them this very day (by ferrying them across), feeling compassion for them, O Lord (ever) staying on the other side (of that river) ! Oh I What exertion can there be, O Lord, the Teacher of all, in this work of lifting up (rescuing) these people, to You, who are responsible for the birth, existence (continuance) and dissolution of this universe? Indeed, it is on the ignorant that the grace of the exalted ought to descend, O Befriender of the afflicted !Such grace will be superfluous to us who are busy serving Your beloved devotees (and will cross the ocean of metempsychosis by serving them). I am not at all afraid, 0 Supreme, of the (aforesaid) Vaitarani--which is (so) difficult to cross-My mind being immersed in the songs of Your prowess, which are like an extraordinary nectar. I lament (only) those deluded persons whose mind is turned away from such nectar and who are carrying (on their shoulders) the burden of maintaining their family etc., for the illusory delight proceeding from the objects of senses.



  1. Vaitarani is the name of a river marking the boundary of the realm of departed spirits, presided over by Yams (the god of retribution). It is descnbed as rushing with great impetuosity, hot, fetid and filled with blood, hair and bones etc.

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