Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 7 Chapter 5:30-41

Book 7: Chapter 5

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 7: Chapter 5: Verses 30-41
Hiranyakasipu attempts the life of Prahrada

Prahrada submitted : The mind of those who are devoted to their home (worldly activity), (nay,) who (repeatedly) fall into the hell-like whirlpool of transmigration because of their unsubdued senses and are engaged in enjoying over and over again the pleasures they have already enjoyed (in this as well as in previous lives), does not get attached to Lord Sri Krsna either by itself or through (the exhortation of) others or (even) through mutual efforts. Indeed they whose mind is impure (attached to the pleasures of sense) and who, like the blind led by another blind man, esteem (only) those regarding the external (worldly) objects as their (only) aim (in life) are unable to realize Lord Visnu, the goal of those who recognize Him as the supreme object. (On the other hand,) through actions (done from interested motives) they remain bound (like so many oxen) to the rope of the Lord, in the shape of His Word (the Veda), with numerous (individual) strings in the shape of different denominations (Brahmana and so on). The mind of these (people) fails to approach the feet of Lord Visnu (possessed of infinite strength)-the object of approaching which is to get rid of evil (in the form of transmigration)-so long as it does not seek a bath in the dust of feet of exalted souls who claim nothing as their own.Hiranyakasipu, whose intellect had been blinded by wrath, threw his son (Prahrada) from his lap to the ground as soon as the latter stopped after uttering the aforesaid words. Possessed by indignation and anger, and with bloods-shot eyes he exclaimed, "Let this boy be killed at once, deserving of death as he is !

Turn him out, O Raksasas ! (Surely) he is responsible for the death of my brother (Hiranyaksa); (for) it is this vile fellow who, abandoning his own kith and kin, worships like a servant the feet of Visnu, the slayer of his uncle. Indeed, what good turn will this wicked boy do to Visnu either-the boy who yet an infant of five years has spurned the love of his parents, (so) hard to renounce ? Even an enemy (who is) beneficent as a medicine is a (veritable) son; while an inimical son, though begotten by one's own body, should be shunned as a disease. (Nay,) one should amputate even that limb which is injurious to one's body (as a whole) and by removing which the rest of the body may servive in good health. He should (therefore) be got rid of by all (possible) means-through (poisoned) food or (by disposing of him) when he is lying asleep or sitting (unguarded). (For) like the corrupt mind of a hermit he is our enemy, though masquerading as a friend." Actually commanded by the master (Hiranyakasipu), those demons, who had sharp teeth, fearful faces and coppery beards and hair and had spikes in their hands, struck Prahrada, who was sitting (still), with spears in all (his) vital parts, emitting hideous yells and shouting "Cut him down ! Rend him asunder !!" Like the commendable acts of an unlucky fellow, their blows proved of no avail against Prahrada, whose mind was en rapport with the immutable and indefinable Supreme Deity, the Soul of the universe.



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