Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 6 Chapter 7:18-30

Book 6: Chapter 7

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 6: Chapter 7: Verses 18-30
Deserted by the sage Brhaspati, the god choose Viswarupa for their preceptor

As soon as they heard of it (the weakness of Indra) the haughty demons all took up arms and made preparations for war against the gods, following the advice of the sage Sukracarya (their wise preceptor). With their (foremost) limbs (heads), thighs and arms torn asunder by the sharp-pointed arrows discharged by the demons, the gods, led by Indra, approached Brahma (the creator) for protection, their heads bent low (with humiliation). Seeing them afflicted on all sides in this way, the glorious and birthiess god Brahma (the self-born) was moved with supreme compassion and spoke comfortingly (as follows): Brahma said : Alas ! your conduct has really been most unwelcome, O jewels among gods,in that, proud of power and pelf, you did not welcome a Brahmana who had not only disciplined his self but who had (also) realized (his identity with) Brahma (the Absolute)! It was the fruit of that misbehaviour (on your part) that you suffered defeat at the hands of others (the demons)-who are your (sworn) enemies and had grown very weak-in spite of your being rich and powerful, O gods ! O Indra, look at your enemies, who had (once) grown extremely weak because of the disrespect (shown by them) to their preceptor (Sukracarya) but who have now gained in strength again by propitiating the sage Kavya (Sukracarya) through (their) devotion. (Nay,) devoted as they are to Sukra (a scion of the celebrated sage Bhrgu), they may (one day) take possession of even my abode (Brahmaloka) ! Treasuring the precepts of the Bhrgus (Sukracarya and others) as their (only) wealth and their secrets being impenetrable, they hold (the dominion of) heaven as of no account (easy to acquire).

(As a matter of fact,) no evil can (ever) befall the kings who look upon the Brahmanas, Lord Visnu (the Protector of cows) and the cows as their masters (Protectors). Therefore, immediately resort (for protection) to Viswarupa-son of the god Twasta-a Brahmana given to austerities and self-controlled. Treated with respect (by you), he will (surely) accomplish your ends provided, of course, you tolerate what he does (his partiality towards the demons, with whom he is connected by blood on the maternal side-vide, VI. vi. 44). Sri Suka continued : Thus spoken to by Brahma (the creator), and relieved of (their) anxiety, O king, the gods approached Viswarupa (son of Twasta), the seer, and, embracing him (as a younger kinsman), spoke (as follows). The gods said : We have called at your hermitage as unexpected visitors (deserving your kind attention); may all be well with you. (Now) be pleased, dear son, to fulfil the timely wishes of your uncles (ourselves). Indeed service of parents is the highest duty of virtuous sons--even of those that have been blessed with sons. O holy Brahmana, much more of celibates. A preceptor (who invests one with the sacred thread and teaches the Vedas) is Veda incarnate; a father (or uncle) is an image of Brahma (the lord of creation); a brother is an effigy of Indra (the chief of the gods); (and) a mother is a direct incarnation of the goddess Earth. A sister is an embodiment of tenderness; an unexpected visitor is the very incarnation of virtue; a guest is an incarnation of the sacred fire and all living beings are embodiments of the (supreme) Self (Lord Visnu).



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