Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 6 Chapter 14:17-30

Book 6: Chapter 14

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 6: Chapter 14: Verses 17-30
The Lament of Citraketu

Angira said : Is everything well with your person as well as with your Prakrtis (the constituent elements of a state, viz., the high priest, the chief minister, the territories, i.e., the people, the fortresses, the treasury, the police and army-that enforce law and order-and the allies ) and are you enjoying a sound health-you as well as your Prakrtis ? (Even) as a Jiva (the embodied soul) is protected by the seven material sheaths (viz., Mahat tattva or the principle of cosmic intelligence, the ego and the five subtle elements), so the king too is protected by the (aforesaid) seven constituent elements. A king can enjoy the blessings of sovereignty by actually placing himself under the control of his Prakrtis: (and) the Prakrtis are likewise enriched by the king (by following his will and carrying out his commands), O ruler of men. Are your wives, subjects, ministers, servants, people following particular trades, counsellors, citizens and inhabitants of the other parts (of your state), tributary chiefs and offspring obedient to your will ? All these (unquestionably) follow the will of the man whose mind is under his control. (Nay,) all the worlds along with their guardian deities dutifully offer tribute to him. (It seems to me that) your mind is not pleased either with others or with your own self. (For) I find your face discoloured with anxiety, and (thereby) conclude that you have not attained the object of your desire. Subjected thus, O Pariksit, to various presumptions by the sage, even though the latter knew everything (by intuition), Citraketu, who was full of longing for a son, and was bent low with modesty, thereupon replied to the sage (as follows).

Citraketu submitted : O worshipful sage, what is there without or (even) within (in the mind of) embodied beings, which is not known to Yogis (like you) whose sins have been wiped out through asceticism, spiritual enlightenment and deep concentration of mind? Yet, prompted by your command. I should speak out, O holy Brahmana, the thought (which is foremost) in my mind to you, who ask me about it even though you know it The sovereignty of the entire globe and the power and affluence attending it-which are worthy of being coveted even by the guardians of the spheres-bring no delight to me, issueless as I am, just as other things do not rejoice him who longs for food and drink under pressure of hunger and thirst. Therefore, (be pleased to) protect me, O highly blessed one, and do that for us whereby we may be able with the help of a son to get out of the dark abyss of hell (the lot of those who die issueless) which has (all but) been reached by us along with our forefathers, and which is so difficult to cross over. Sri Suka continued : Implored thus, that glorious, merciful and mighty son of Brahma got a special oblation prepared for being offered to the god Twasta, and propitiated the said god with the same. The (holy) Brahmana further gave the remainder of the sacrificial offering to the queen known by the name of Krtadyuti, who was the eldest and the foremost (in other respects too) of all the king's spouses, O Pariksit ( a descendant of Bharata) ! The sage Angira (Brahma's son) then said to Citraketu (a ruler of men), "O king ! a son, who will be a source of (both) joy and grief to you, will be born to you and left. Merely by eating the remainder of that sacrificial oblation even Krtadyuti (who was barren) conceived a child through Citraketu just as the goddess Krttika (the deity presiding over the constellation of that name) conceived a son through the god of fire.



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