Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 5 Chapter 23:6-9

Book 5: Chapter 23

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 5: Chapter 23: Verses 6-9
The disposition of the stellar sphere represented in the form of a dolphin

One should locate PUnarvasu and Pusya at the right and left loins, Ardra and Aslesa at the right and left hind legs, Abhijit and Uttarasadha at the right and left nostrills, Sravana and Purvasadha at the right and left eyes. Dhanistha and Mula at the right and left ears respectively and the eight constellations from Magha onwards, marking the southern course, at the ribs on the left side; and even so one should place the (other) eight, marking the northern course, (viz.,) Mrgasirsa and so on, at the rib s on the right side in the recverse order (i.e., fom Purvabhadrapad back to mrgasirs), and locate (the remaining two, viz.,) Satabhisa and Jyestha at the right and left shoulders. (Again,) at the upper jaw should be placed (the god of punishment) at the lower jaw, (the planet) Mars as the mouth, Saturn at the penis, Jupiter at the hump, the sun at the chest, (the star representing the divine sage) Narayana at the hear, the moon in mind,m Venus at the navel, (the two stars representing twin gods) Aswinikumaras (the celestial physicians) at the beasts, Mercury in the outgoindg and incoming breaths, (the planet) rahu at the neck, the Ketus (comets) all over the body and alll the hosts of (other) stars in the hair ()on the body.) And actually fixing one's gaze on this very form of Lord Visnu, representing all the gods, in the evening from day to day, one should wait with a concentrated mind upon the same with the following (prayer) silently:-"Hail to the Supreme Person, (manifesting Himself as) the wheel of Time-the backbone of the luminaries-the Ruler of all the gods! (Thus) do we meditate on Him." The form of Lord Visnu (the Ruler of all the gods), consisting of the planets, lunar mansions and other stars, wipes out the sins of those who repeat the foregoing prayer thrice (in the morning and evening and at noon) everyday. (Nay,) the sin committed in the immediate past by him who bows to or even thinks of this form three times (a day) disappears at once.

Thus ends the twenty-third discourse entitled " The disposition of the stellar sphere represented in the form of a dolphin" in Book Five of the great and glorious Bhagavata-Purana, otherwise known as the Paramahamsa-Samhita.


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