Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 12 Chapter 6:64-74

Book 12: Chapter 6

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 12: Chapter 6: Verses 64-74

Vomiting the portions of Yajurveda (which he had learnt from his preceptor), Yajnavalkya, son of Devarata, too immediately left the place. Sages beheld those portions of Yajurveda and, greatly enamoured of them, assumed the form of partridges and picked them up. (Thenceforward) that most attractive branch of Yajurveda came to be known by the name of Taittiriya (connected with partridges). Seeking to obtain additional Srutis not known even to his preceptor, Yajnavalkya, 0 Brahmana sage, thereupon duly extolled the Sun-god, the Master of the Vedas (as follows). Yajnavalkya prayed : Hail to the almighty Sun-god, denoted by the sacred syllable OM ! Dwelling as the very Soul of the universe in the heart of multitudes of created beings-falling under four categories (viz., mammals, oviparous creatures, the sweet-born and those sprouting from the soil), from Brahma down to a clump of grass-and outside too as (the wheel of) Time revolving in the form of years made up of (minute) parts like an instant, a moment and the twinkling of an eye, yet unlimited by any condition, like the sky, You maintain the progress of the world all alone by sucking (in the hot season) and releasing the moisture (during the monsoon). (This passage explains the meaning of the first foot of the Gayatri-Mantra.) We duly and devoutly contemplate on that well-known orb of Your venerable Self, 0 Jewel among the gods, which is burning over there, 0 Father (of the universe), who burn away all the sins and miseries (resulting from them) as well as their seed (viz., ignorance) of those who wait upon You (with prayers etc.) in the manner prescribed by the Vedas thrice everyday (morning-and evening as well as at midday). (This passage explains the meaning of the second foot of the Gayatri-Mantra. As the Inner Controller of the multitudes of immobile and mobile creatures in this (visible) universe, which, as is well-known,constitute Your own bodies, You being their very Self, You direct their mind, senses and vital airs, which are (all) material (and therefore inert). (This explains the meaning of the third and last foot of the Gayatri-Mantra.) Seeing this world swallowed by the diabolical python bearing the name of darkness and wearing a most dreadful aspect, and (therefore) lying unconscious as though dead, You a lone rouse it by Your mere glance out of compassion, supremely compassionate as You are, and direct it thrice everyday to the adoration of the Supreme Spirit, leading to the highest good under the name of their own sacred duty. Like a king You go about instilling fear in (the heart of) the wicked and waited upon at every point by the guardians of the quarters with offerings of water and lotus buds in their joined palms. Obviously for the same reason, 0 Lord, do I resort to Your lotus-feet, bowed to by those (Indra and others) adored in all the three worlds, desirous as I am of receiving knowledge of the portions of Yajurveda (hitherto) unknown by anyone else. That is all. Suta continued : Extolled thus, the celebrated and glarious Sun-god felt (highly) propitiated and, assuming the form of a horse, taught the sage such portions of the Yajurveda as were (hitherto) unknown to anyone else. Out of the countless Mantras of Yajurveda (revealed to him by the Sun-god) the powerful Yajnavalkya compiled (as many as) fifteen Sakhas known by the name of Vajasani. Sages Kanva, Madhyandina and others learnt them.



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