Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 8:12-23

Book 11: Chapter 8

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 8: Verses 12-23

A mendicant should keep nothing in store, either for the evening or the day following; he who does it perishes like a bee with that collection. A begging ascetic should not touch even with his foot even the wooden figure of a youthful woman; if he touched it, he would be chained like the elephant brought in contact with a she elephant. A wise man should never seek a woman, who is his death (as it were); (for) he might be killed by other more powerful persons (after her) just as an elephant is killed by stronger tuckers. Riches amassed with great pains by misers are neither enjoyed by them nor gifted away; they are enjoyed by some other person, who like the honey-gatherer discovers the hoard (and appropriates it). Like the honey-gatherer, the ascetic really first enjoys the riches of householders who have amassed them with great pains and with a view to enjoying them. An ascetic, living in a forest, should never hear vulgar songs. He should take this lesson from the deer, which attracted by the music of the hunter gets snared. Enjoying the vulgar dance, instrumental music and songs of women, Rsyasmga,born of a deer, became a plaything in the hands of women.Enraptured by love of taste, a foolish person, through his uncontrollable tongue, is destroyed like the fish by the hooks: Through fasting wise men can soon control their senses, except the tongue. which becomes more powerful in the case of a fasting person. One may have subdued all other senses; but, unless one conquers the sense of taste, one cannot be said to have gained self-control; all senses get subdued when the sense of taste is conquered. Now hear 0 prince, what i learnt from Pirigala, a courtesan, who at one time lived in the city of Videha (Mithila). One day that courtesan decorated her person at night and in order to take her paramour in the pleasure-house she sat just outside the house at the door.



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