Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 11 Chapter 13:12-24

Book 11: Chapter 13

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 11: Chapter 13: Verses 12-24

The man of discrimination, though his mind (too) is (sometimes) distracted (and even infatuated) by Rajas and Tamas, collects his mind again with effort, alive as he is to the evit-inherent in the pleasures of sense, and does not get attached to them. Having controlled the breath and secured steadiness of posture, and remaining alert and not feeling bored (in the event of success not coming within sight soon) one should slowly compose the, mind, concentrating it on Me at the appointed time (thrice a day). Withdrawing the mind from everything (else), it should be duly and directly established in Me; this much comprises the Yoga taught (by Me) to Brahma accompanied by My disciples, the sages Sanaka and others. Uddhava submitted : I wish to know about that form in which and when you taught the Yoga to Sanaka and his three brothers, 0 Krsna (the Ruler even of Brahma and Lord Siva)! The glorious Lord replied : Sanaka and this he unfailing ng and highest consummation of creator), questioned their father (once) about Yoga, so difficult to understand. Sanaka and others submitted : The mind clings to the sense-objects (by virtue of its natural affinity to them) and the latter get imprinted on the mind (in the form of latencies), 0 Lord I How can it be possible for the seeker of Liberation, who is keen to reach the to part them one from the other ? The glorious Lord continued : Thus interrogated, Brahma (the great god), the self-born creator of beings, could not get, in spite of his deep thought, at the root of the question (ignorance about the Self), his mind being taken up with his duty (of creation). The said god fixed his mind on Me with intent to get to the other side (the hidden meaning) of the question. Then I sought his presence in the form of a swan (in order to hint at His capacity to alienate the sense-objects from the mind just as the swan is credited with the virtue of separating water from milk when mixed together). Beholding Me and placing Brahma at their head, they (Sanaka and others) came up to Me and, bowing at My feet, asked Me as to who I was. In these words was I interrogated on the said occasion by the sages, keen as they were to know the Truth. (Now) hear from Me, 0 Uddhava, what I spoke to them (in reply). If there is unity of the substance known as the Self (and If your question relates to the Self in Me), how can such a question on your part (as you have asked Me, calling upon Me to specify Myself out of many) be relevant, 0 Brahmana sages ! Or (even) if I (proceed to) speak (in reply), what (distinctive quality) can be My basis (for an answer) ? (If, on the other hand, it relates to My body, even then) your question as to who I am is indeed (mere) drill in words and (hence) meaningless, the bodies of living creatures being identica (in substance), constituted (as they are) of the five elements, and (also) from the point of view of ultimate reality. Whatever is grasped by the mind, expressed through speech and perceived through the faculty of vision, nay, even with the other senses is but Myself, there is nothing other than Me; know this as a result of enquiry into the truth.



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