Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 89:15-30

Book 10: Eighty-nine (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 89: Verses 15-30

Hearing his experiences, the sages in the assembly were filled with wonder and freed from all doubts. They were now convinced that Visnu was the Supreme Deity, the fountain-head of tranquillity and security. From Visnu proceed virtue itself, wisdom, dispassion, united with it, the eight forms of supernatural powers and fame, which wipes out the impurities of the mind. He is described as the supreme resort of saints and sages who are embodiments of peace, equanimity and detachment, and who have taken a vow of complete non-violence. The quality of Sattva constitutes His beloved person, and the Brahmana is His favourite deity. Men possessed of disinterestedness, serenity (of mind) and subtle understanding take to His adoration. It is his Maya, constituted of the three Gunas, which has evolved His three forms, viz., the Raksasas, the Asuras and the gods. Of these, only gods embodying the quality of Sattva are the means of His realization (He Himself being the end of all pursuit). Sri Suka went on : (Pariksit !) the sages assembled on the bank of the Saraswati arrived this conclusion (not for their own sake, but) for dispelling the doubts of men. Adoring the lotus-feet of the Supreme Person, they attained to His supreme state. Suta said : (Saunaka and other sages I) this story, which brings out the glory of the Supreme Person, dispel the fear of transmigration (in the form of births and deaths). Like (a stream of) sweet-smelling nectar it has emanated from the lotus-like lips of Sri Suka, (the son of the sage Vyasa.) The traveller who, coursing through the circuitous paths of this world, constantly drinks of it through the cups of his ears gets rid of the fatigue of wandering through the world.
Sri Suka resumed : Pariksit, once upon a time at Dwaraka the wife of a Brahmana gave birth to a child; but the moment it was born and touched the ground, they say, it died. Taking the deceased child to the portal of the royal palace, the Brahmana laid it on the ground and with a heart full of grief began to weep (for it) piteously. He spoke thus:-"My child has died because of some vicious act of the ruler of this kingdom, (a base ksatriya) who is a Brahmana-hater, has a wicked disposition, is full of avarice and has set his mind on the pleasures of his sense. The people depending on a ruler who takes delight in bloody acts, has a vicious character and is a slave of his senses, lead a miserable life and are always in distress for want of money." The second and third child of the Brahmana sage also died under similar circumstances and the Brahmana brought their dead bodies in the same manner to the palace gate and repeating the same observation in a loud tone left the deceased children there. (Thus as many as eight children of the Brahmana died one after another.) When he repeated the complaint at the loss of his ninth child, Arjuna was also sitting by the side of Lord Sri Krsna. Hearing the remarks of the Brahmana, he vauntingly said, " 0 venerable Brahmana, is there no Ksatriya who can wield a bow in this city of Dwaraka (where you reside)? It seems these Yadavas (who are unable to protect their subjects) are no better than Brahmanas assembled for a sacrifice. The rulers in whose kingdom a Brahmana grieves over the loss of his wealth, wife or children are (no Ksatriyas, but) mere actors playing the role of a Ksatriya only to fill their belly. (They live in vain.) 0 Brahmana, I undertake to protect the child that may be born to you (hereafter), afflicted as you and your wife are (by the loss of your children) here. If I fail to carry out my promise, I shall jump into fire (and put an end to my life) and (thereby) atone for my sin."



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