Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 58:13-27

Book 10: Fifty-eight Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 58: Verses 13-27

Once upon a time (after the Khandava forest had been consumed by a huge conflagration) the all-conquering Arjuna, the slayer of hostile warriors, accompanied by Sri Krsna and clad in an armour, mounted his chariot, distinguished by its flag bearing the device of a monkey, and, taking his (famous) Gandiva bow and a pair of quivers containing an inexhaustible stock of arrows, entered a dense forest, infested with carnivorous and other (innocent) beasts, for the sake of sport. There he pierced with his shafts (a number of) tigers, boars, bisons, Rurus (a species of deer), Sarabhas (a species of eight-footed animals now extinct), Gavayas (a species of quadrupeds resembling the cow), rhinoceroses, deer, hares and porcupines. His attendants took such of them as were useful for sacrifice to the king (Yudhisthira), the full moon (which is considered specially sacred for sacrifices) having approached. Overcome with thirst and fully exhausted, Arjuna (who abhorred detestable acts) went to (the bank of) the Yamuna. When they had bathed in the river and drunk of its crystal water, the two great car-warriors, Sri Krsna and Arjuna, (both of whom had a dark-brown complexion and accordingly bore the epithet 'Krsna') noticed a maiden of comely appearance strolling about (on the river bank). Sent by his (divine) Comrade, Phalguna (Arjuna) went up to that beautiful and excellent damsel with well-set teeth and a charming countenance and questioned her (thus):-"Who are you and whose daughter may you be, O fair damsel ? Where do you come from and what do you mean to do ? I infer you to be in quest of a (suitable) match. (Pray,) relate everything (to me), 0 good maiden!" Kalindi (for such was her name) replied : Daughter of the glorious sun-god, I seek Lord Visnu, the Bestower of boons of one's choice, who is worth wooing (in everyway), for my husband and am (accordingly) engaged in the severest (form of) austerities.
I would choose for my spouse none else than that Abode of Sri (the goddess of fortune), 0 gallant one ! May that Lord, the Bestower of Liberation and the Refuge of the helpless, be propitious to me. Known by the name of Kalindi, I dwell in a palace constructed by my father under the water of the Yamuna and propose to stay there till I am able to see that immortal Lord." Arjuna (who had conquered sleep) spoke accordingly to Sri Krsna (son of Vasudeva) and He too, who knew of it (already), picked her up into the chariot and drove (back) into the presence of the king (Yudhisthira). Sri Krsna had, as soon as requested, got built (long ago) by Viswakarma (the architect of the gods) a most wonderful and picturesque city for the sons of Pandu. Residing there in order to oblige His own people (the Pandavas as well as their mother and wife), the Lord had (some time before) acted as the charioteer of Arjuna in order to consign (the forest of) Khandava (owned by Indra) to the god of fire. Pleased (with the aforesaid service), the said god of fire had conferred on Arjuna, 0 king, the bow (Gandiva), (four) white horses as well as a chariot (drawn by them), a pair of inexhaustible quivers and an armour which could not be pierced by archers. Nay, rescued from the (said) conflagration (which consumed the forest of Khandava), Maya (the architect of the demons) had (built and) presented (as a token of gratitude) to his friend (and benefactor, Arjuna) an assembly hail, in which optic illusion seized Duryodhana, who mistook a sheet of water for a paved floor and vice versa:



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