Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 54:17-31

Book 10: Fifty-four Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 54: Verses 17-31

Thus admonished by friends, Sisupala (the ruler of Cedi) returned to his capital alongwith his (surviving) followers. Those (other) kings too, such as were surviving, (accompanied Sisupala to Cedi and) then returned each to his own capital. Surrounded by an army (consisting of one Aksauhini) the mighty Rukmi, for his part, who hated Sri Krsna and did not brook his sister's being married (by Him) after the manner of the Raksasas, followed (close) upon the heels of Sri Krsna. Enraged and full of indignation, the mighty-armed Rukmi, who was clad in armour and armed with a bow, had undertaken the following vow within the hearing of all the kings (before they dispersed):- "Without making short work of Krsna in an encounter and bringing back Rukmini I shall not re-enter. Kundinapura: solemnly do I declare this before you (all)." Saying so and mounting his chariot, he commanded the charioteer as follows:-"Drive the horses with despatch to the place where Krsna may be; (for) there is going to be my encounter with him. With my sharp-pointed arrows today I shall take away the pride of valour of that most evil-minded cowherd, by whom my sister has been forcibly carried away. Pursuing the Lord in a single chariot forthwith the bragging fool, who did not know the extent of greatness of the almighty Lord, shouted out to Sri Krsna (the Protector of cows) saying "Stop ! Stop !!" (Nay,) drawing (the string of) his very tough bow at full length, he hit Sri Krsna with three arrows and said, "Wait a moment, my enemy, a (veritable) disgrace to the race of Yadu ! Having kidnapped my sister even as a crow would steal a sacrificial offering, where are you going ? I shall presently take away your pride, 0 fool, who are (so) wily and given to strategic fighting. Leave my sister before you bite the dust when struck with my arrows." Smilingly tearing his bow Sri Krsna pierced Rukmi with six arrows, his four horses with eight more, his charioteer with two and his ensign with three. Taking up another bow, he too hit Sri Krsna (back) with five shafts. Struck with those volleys of arrows, however, Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord) rent his bow asunder. He snatched yet another and the imperishable Lord cleft that too. The celebrated Sri Hari (likewise) tore every weapon that he took up (subsequently one after another)-viz., an iron club, a sharp-edged spear, a pike, a sword and a shield, a javelin and a bludgeon. Then, leaping down from the chariot, sword in hand, he darted in rage at Sri Krsna with intent to kill Him, (even) as a moth would into a flame. While he was (thus) rushing (towards Him), the Lord split his sword and shield (too) into particles with His shafts and picked up a sharp-edged sword, in readiness to make short work of Rukmi.



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