Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 50:36-49

Book 10: Fifty Chapter (Latter Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 50: Verses 36-49

Meeting the citizens of Mathura, that had now been rid of (all) agony, and felt delighted at heart (and had now come out to greet and felicitate their Saviours), Lord Sri Krsna (the Bestower of Liberation) too returned-Sri Krsna, whose army remained, (completely) unscathed and who was applauded by the gods and was (also) being covered with flowers in that He had crossed without any effort the ocean of the enemy's forces, nay, whose victory was being celebrated by Sutas (heralds), Magadhas (bards) and Vandis (panegyrists). Conchs and drums, kettledrums and clarionets as well as lutes, flutes and clay tomtoms sounded (of themselves) while the Lord was entering the city, whose road had been sprinkled (with water), (nay) which was full of merry men, was decorated with flags and resonant with the chanting of Veda and which had ornamental arches erected all round by way of festivity. Being strewn by women with flowers, curds unbroken grains of rice and sprouts, and lovingly regarded with eyes dilated through joy, the Lord presented to King Ugrasena (the ruler of the Yadus) all the untold wealth (found) lying on the field of battle and the jewellery of (killed) warriors, that had been brought by Him.
Followed (each time) by an army consisting of the same number of (viz., twenty-three) Aksauhinis, King Jarasandha (the ruler of Magadha) fought in this way (as many as) seventeen times with the Yadus, who were protected by Sri Krsna (and were therefore invincible). Endowed (however) with the (inexhaustible and unequalled) might of Sri Krsna, the Vrsnis annihilated his entire force. Let off by the Yadus (his enemies) on his troops having been killed, the monarch withdrew (to his capital). While the eighteenth encounter was yet to come, Kalayavana (a Yavana hero), despatched by the sage Narada, appeared (on the scene) during the interval. Having heard (from the mouth of Narada,[1] of whom he had enquired the names of foremost warriors on the earth's surface) of the Yadus as being his equals (in prowess), Kalayavana, who had no rival among men, came and besieged Mathura with thirty millions of Mlecchas (non-Aryans or barbarians). Seeing him, Sri Krsna, who enjoyed the companionship of Sankarsana (Balarama), thought (as follows):
"Oh, a great calamity has surely overtaken the Yadus from both sides (viz., Kalayavana and Jarasandha). This Yavana, who is followed by a huge army, has certainly invested us today. (And) Jarasandha (the ruler of Magadha) will also come either today or tomorrow or the day after (at the latest). If Jarasandha (the foster-son of Jara, the demoness) comes while We are both (engaged in) contending with this fellow, the mighty Jarasandha will (either) make short work of our relations or take them away (as captives) to his own capital. Therefore, we shall this (very) day construct a citadel which will be difficult of access to men (lit., bipeds) and, having ensconced our relations there, shall (return and) have the Yavana killed (by strategem)."[2]



  1. Vide Visnu-Purana V.xxiii. 6.
  2. The Lord did not kill the Yavana Himself obviously because he had been got as a boon from Lord Siva, who had further ordained that the boy would prove a terror to the Yadus. (Vide Visnu-Purana V.xxiii, 1-4)

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