Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 4:28-41

Book 10: Fourth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 4: Verses 28-41

Sri Suka continued : Thus addressed in a guileless manner by Devaki and Vasudeva, who felt (quite) appeased, and permitted by them, Kamsa withdrew to his palace. That night having passed, Kamsa summoned his counsellors and told them all that which was intimated by Yogamaya (representing the trance-sleep of Lord Visnu). Hearing the words of their master, the demons (lit., the progeny of Diti), the (sworn) enemies of the gods-who were resentful towards the gods and were not very clever---said:-- "If that is so, 0 ruler of the Bhojas, then we shall presently kill without doubt (all) the babes of above and below ten days (dwelling) in towns, villages, cowherd-stations and other places. What will the gods do (to us) with al heir endeavours, cowards as they are in battle and ever perturbed in mind at the twangs of your bowstring? Being assailed on all sides with the volleys of your arrows (even) as you discharged them, they took to their heels (in the past), anxious to escape with life, and made good their retreat, deserting the battle-field. Having laid down their arms, some gods (lit., denizens of heaven) stood with their palms joined over their heads, reduced as they were to a miserable plight.
Others, who appeared with the tufts of hair on their crown untied and with the back end of their loin-cloth remaining untucked to their loin (as a token of humility), exclaimed, "We are frightened (and seek your mercy!)" You, however, never strike those (of your enemies) who have forgotten to take their missiles and (other) weapons, have lost their chariots, are overtaken with fear, are intent on something else, have turned their back on the battle-field,, or whose bow has been broken or who are disinclined to fight. What (harm) could be wrought by the gods, valiant (only) in a safe retreat and boastful in places other than the battle-field? What could be done by Hari, living in seclusion (in the heart of all) or by Siva, dwelling in woods? (And) what could be achieved by Indra of poor strength or by Brahma (engaged in) practising austerities ? Yet we think that the gods do not deserve to be ignored because of their hostile attitude (towards us).
Therefore, command us, your obedient servants, to destroy Visnu (disguised as an infant and forming their very mainstay). (Even) as a malady appearing in the body and completely ignored (in its initial stages) by men cannot be remedied once it has struck deep roots, or as the senses cannot be controlled if neglected (and allowed to have their own way), so the enemy cannot be dislodged once his strength gets consolidated and he grows mighty. Indeed Visnu is the root (chief support) of the gods and he stays where the eternal (Vedic) Religion prevails. Again, Veda, the cow, the Brahmana, asceticism and the (institution of) sacrifices accompanied by (liberal) sacrificial fees constitute the roots of the latter. Therefore, 0 king, we shall by all means kill Brahmanas who are expositors of the Vedas, ascetics and those given to sacrificial performances as well as cows that yield materials (such as milk and clarified butter) worthy of being offered as oblation into the sacrificial fire (inasmuch as they are all instrumental in manifesting Visnu). Brahmanas, cows and the Vedas, asceticism, truthfulness, control of the senses and the mind, reverence, compassion and endurance as well as sacrificial performances constitute (so many) embodiments of Sri Hari.



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