Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 3:13-23

Book 10: Third Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 3: Verses 13-23

Vasudeva prayed : You have been directly known (by me) to be (the same as) the Supreme Person, existing beyond Prakrti (the material plane), nay, consisting of absolute and conscious bliss, the witness of all minds. Having evolved even as such (consisting of truth, consciousness and bliss) at the beginning (of creation) this (universe), consisting of the three Gunas, by Your (own), creative energy, You are conceived as having entered it after that, even though as a matter of fact You have not entered it. (Just) as these elementary principles, (viz., the Mahat-tattva, Ahankara and the fiveTanmatras) appear to have entered their evolutes (even though they do not really enter it), so is the case with You (who appear to have entered the womb of Devaki even though You have not actually entered it). Combining (under the direction of the Spirit) with their (sixteen) evolutes (viz., the five gross elements and the ten Indriyas and the mind), the former actually bring forth the cosmic egg, though possessing diverse properties and existing apart (from one another); and, having duly evolved it, they appear as having entered it (even though they do not really do so).
Their entry into it is not possible due to their being already present in it (as its causes). In this way You are imagined as having entered Devaki's womb, though not having actually entered it. Though existing (as their cause) with the objects perceptible by the senses (whose true nature can only be inferred through the perception of sense-objects),You are not apprehended along with those sense-objects; (for) the distinction of inside and outside does not exist in You, that comprise and indwell all, are all-pervading and real-because of Your being unlimited. (How, then, can it be possible for You to enter anything?) He who concludes with regard to material objects perceptible by him that they are real as distinct from their (own) self is ignorant. And since, when investigated into, such an object does not prove to be anything but a (mere) display of words, a man acknowledging what has been disproved is (certainly) a fool. The wise declare the appearance, the continuance and the destruction of this (universe), O Lord, (as proceeding) from You, who are desireless, beyond the (three) Gunas and changeless.
This is not incompatible in You, who are (at once) Brahma (the Absolute) and the (almighty) Lord. (As a matter of fact,) whatever is done by the Gunas is ascribed to You because of Your being their ultimate ground. As such (consisting of truth, consciousness and bliss), of course, You assume (reveal) by Your creative will Your pure (white) complexion (Visnu form consisting of Sattva) for the continuance of the three worlds, Your red complexion (Brahma form), endowed with the principle of Rajas, for their creation, and a dark complexion (Rudra form), evolved by (the principle of) Tamas for their destruction. Intending to protect this universe, 0 Lord, the Ruler of all, You have descended in my house. You will (in course of time) extirpate (for the protection of the righteous) armies led by numberless Asura chiefs passing under the name of Ksatriya princes. Hearing of (anticipating) Your birth in our house, this villain (of a Kamsa) actually killed Your elder brothers, 0 Ruler of the gods I Learning of Your advent as soon as it is intimated by his men, he will rush in this very moment with uplifted weapons. Sri Suka went on Perceiving her aforesaid son endowed with the characteristics of Lord Visnu (the Supreme Person), Devaki, who was (hitherto) afraid of Kamsa, now bore a bright smile (on her countenance) and glorified Him.



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