Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 33:10-19

Book 10: Thirty-three Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 33: Verses 10-19

Singing in chorus with Sri Krsna a certain Gopi (Viakha) struck at a high pitch notes (altogether) different (from those of Sri Krsna) and was applauded by the latter-who felt (much) delighted (by her performance)-in the words, "Well done !", "Bravo !". Another girl (presumably Lalita) reproduced the same tune at the top of hervoice according to the measure of time technically known by the name of Dhruvapada (Dhrupad) and the Lord showed abundant regard to her (for her excellent performance). Fully tired by the Rasa dance, another Gopi (probably Sri Radha) clasped with her arm the shoulder of Sri Krsna (who was no other than Lord Visnu, and) who stood by her side, her bangles slipping (from her wrists) and jasmine flowers dropping Krsna is said to possess the hue of the sapphire.
Here He has been likened to an emerald apparently due to His colour being blended with the golden hue of the Gopis and thus appearing green rather than cerulean (from her braid due to langour). Smelling the arm-emitting the fragrance of a water-lily and smeared with sandal, paste and resting on one of her shoulders-of Sri Krsna, (yet) another of those Gopis (Syamala) kissed it, so it is said, the hair on her body standing on end (due to joy). To a certain Gopi (presumably Saibya) who united with His cheek her own lit up with the lustre of her ear-ring tossed by the dance, the Lord gave His half-chewed betel. Fatigued while dancing and singing with her anklets and girdle jingling (with the movement of her feet), another (Gopi, most probably Bhadra), pressed to her bosom the soothing lotus-like palm of Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord) standing beside her. Having thus secured Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord), the only Beloved of Sri (the goddess of beauty and prosperity), as their Darling, and celebrating Him in song, the Gopis sported (with Him), their necks encircled by His arms.
The cowherd women-the charm of whose face was heightened by the water-lilies adorning their ears, cheeks graced with their (curly) locks and drops of sweat (glistening on their forehead)-danced with the Lord, keeping time by (the jingling of) bangles, anklets and girdle, that served as (so many) musical instruments, the garlands dropping from their braids, in that assembly of Rasa dancers, where (humming) black bees played the role of songsters (all other music-both vocal and instrumental-having stopped due to the Gopis being exhausted). Thus by embracing them. touching them with His hands, casting loving glances at them, making unrestrained amorous gestures and laughing heartily, Sri Krsna (who was no other than Lord Visnu, the Spouse of Rama) sported with those lovely women of Vraja (even) as an infant would play with Its own reflections (seen through a set of mirrors). Their senses overwhelmed with excessive joy caused by contact with His (Divine) person and their garlands and ornaments loosened, the women of Vraja were not able to adjust as before their (unsettled) locks, scarf or (even) their brassiere, O jewel of the Kurus. Smitten with love to witness the amorous sport of Sri Krsna, the celestial ladies (too) fainted and the moon-god alongwith his retinue (viz., the twenty-seven Naksatras or lunar mansions) felt amazed (with the result that his progress in the heavens was arrested along with that of the other planets and the night extended to an inordinate length).



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