Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 30:11-22

Book 10: Thirtieth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 30: Verses 11-22

O she-deer, did Sri Krsna (the immortal Lord) come over here in the company of His darling bringing excessive joy to the eyes of you all by His (charming) limbs, 0 friend ? (For) here comes the fragrance of the garland of jasmine flowers worn on the person of Sri Krsna (the Protector of His race), and tinged with the saffron on the bosom of His lady-love at the time of her embrace. Holding a lotus (in His right hand) and resting His (other) arm on the (left) shoulder of His darling and being followed by swarms of black bees attracted by Tulasi flowers (inter-woven in His wreath of wild blossoms) and blinded by intoxication (caused by their sweet fragrance), did Sri Krsna (Balarama's Younger Brother) hail your greetings by His glances surcharged with love, while sauntering here? Make enquiries of these creepers (too, 0 friends); (for) lo ! even though having encircled the arms (in the shape of boughs )of (their husband in the form of) a tree, they have surely been touched by His nails (while plucking their flowers), as (is evident from the fact that) they exhibit a thrill of joy (in the form of sprouts). Thus raving like a madman, the cowherd women, who got very distracted in their quest for Sri Krsna and felt identified with Him, actually imitated the various pastimes of the Lord. Personating Sri Krsna, one Gopi sucked the breast of another, who played the part of Putana. Behaving like infant Sri Krsna and crying (like a babe), another kicked a fourth, that rested on all fours over the latter as a cart. Playing the role of Trnavarta (the demon), a certain Gopi carried away another, who fancied herself to be infant Sri Krsna; while a third crawled on hands and knees (like infant Sri Krsna), dragging her feet accompanied by the jingling sounds of her anklets. Two (of the Gopis) played the role of Sri Krsna and Balarama indeed; while some behaved like cowherd boys (and the demons Vatsa and Baka). Of the former two (viz., those that behaved like Sri Krsna and Balarama), again, the latter struck at her friend who personated Vatsasura[1] , while the former struck at a fourth that had assumed the role of Bakasura. Calling to the cows, that had gone far away, in the manner of Sri Krsna, a certain Gopi behaved like Him, playing on the flute and sporting (as He did): while others applauded her saying, "Well done !" With her mind absorbed in Him another Gopi walked (to and fro) resting her arm on some friend and said, "Hullo, I am Krsna ! Look at my graceful gait." "Do not be afraid of storm and shower; protection against them has (already) been provided by Me !" observing thus, one held up her scarf with one hand making a show of effort (in doing so). Treading on another's head and standing on her, 0 Protector of men, a certain Gopi said, "0 vile snake, clear away ! Indeed I am born (here) as the chastiser of the wicked." One of those Gopis said (to others; visualizing them as so many cowherds), "0 Gopas look at the terrible forest fire ! Shut your eyes at once; I shall easily vouchsafe protection to you."



  1. According to popular tradition it was Balarama, and not Sri Krsna, who killed Vatsasura--

    प्रलम्बो निहतोऽनेन वत्सको धेनुकादय:।

    Evidently this tradition is referred to by the sage Suka in the above verse.

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