Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 27:11-24

Book 10: Twenty-seven Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 27: Verses 11-24

Salutation to the Lord, who has assumed a form conforming the wish of His devotees, who is an embodiment of pure consciousness, who is all-formed, the Cause of all, the Soul of all living beings ! On my worship having been interfered with, this (mischief) was done, 0 Lord, for the destruction of Vraja by means of torrential rain and winds by me who was full of pride and seized with violent rage. My pride having been crushed and my efforts having been foiled, I have been favoured by You, 0 Lord ! I have (accordingly) sought You, the Supreme Ruler and Preceptor, (nay) my very Self, as my refuge. Sri Suka continued : Thus glorified by Indra, Lord Sri Krsna heartily laughed and spoke to him as follows in a voice deep as the rumbling of clouds. The glorious Lord said : It was in order to shower My grace on you and to put you incessantly in mind of Me, highly intoxicated as you were with the fortune of Indra, that the interruption of your worship was brought about by Me, 0 god of rain. Blinded with the pride of power and wealth, one takes no notice of Me, who wield the rod of punishment. Him (alone) do I cast down from an affluent state, on whom I intend to shower My grace. You may go now, 0 Indra; may all be well with you! Let My injunctions be followed. Devoted to your duty and free from egotism, hold on to your offices (as before).
Hailing and accosting Sri Krsna, the supreme Lord disguised as a cowherd boy, along-with her progeny, the high-minded cow of plenty now spoke to Him (thus). Surabhi said : 0 Krsna, the Enchanter of souls, 0 great Yogi, 0 Inner Controller and Source of the universe ! we have been favoured by You, the Protector of the worlds, 0 immortal Lord ! You are our supreme Deity. For the prosperity of the bovine race, the Brahmanas and the gods as well as of those who are pious-minded, be You our Ruler (henceforth), 0 Lord of the universe ! Directed by Brahma we shall crown You as our king, since You have come down to this earth for relieving the burden of the earth, 0 Soul of the universe ! Sri Suka went on : Having thus prayed to Sri Krsna, born in the line of Dasarha, Surabhi bathed Him with her own milk (flowing from her udders); (even so) urged by Aditi and others (the mothers of the gods) and accompanied by celestial sages, Indra (too) bathed Him with the water of the heavenly Ganga, brought by Airavata (Indra's elephant) in its own trunks, and designated Him as Govinda (the Ruler of the cows). Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Siddhas and Caranas, headed by Tumburu and Narada (two Gandharva chiefs noted for their skill in vocal music), who had assembled there, sang the glory of Sri Hari, which is capable of destroying the sins of the world; while celestial damsels beautifully danced full of joy.



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