Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 25:15-28

Book 10: Twenty-five Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 25: Verses 15-28

(He said to Himself,) "His own worship having been obstructed by us, Indra is sending down this most terrible hailstorm accompanied by a tempestuous gale out of season for our destruction. I shall (presently) employ an effective remedy against this by My own divine power and (thereby) dispel the ignorance-in the form of pride of wealth-of the gods, who through infatuation fancy themselves to be the rulers of the world. Surely the pride of being the supreme ruler of the world cannot find place in the gods, who are endowed (in a special degree) with the quality of Sattva; and the humiliation of the vile at My hands conduces to their peace of mind. I shall accordingly by My own divine power protect Vraja, which has sought shelter in Me, looks upon Me as its Protector, nay, which constitutes My own family! (In fact) this is the famous vow taken by Me." Having observed thus, and uprooting with one hand Mount Govardhana even as a child would pull out a mushroom, Sri Krsna sportfully lifted it up. Then the Lord said to the cowherds, "O mother, father, the people of Vraja, comfortably take shelter in the cavity beneath the mountain along with your cattle-wealth. No fear need be entertained by you about the fall of the mountain from My hand on this spot.
Away with the fear of storm and rain, against them has (already) been ensured." Their mind having been reassured since your in that protection way by Sri Krsna, they entered the cavity (and made themselves comfortable there) according to the space available along with their cattle-wealth, ring of bullock-carts and dependant (viz., servants , priests and so on). Being (constantly) gazed upon by the aforesaid inhabitants of Vraja, who stood disregarding the pangs of hunger and thirst as well as the need for personal comfort, Sri Krsna held up the mountain for a (full) week and did not stir from His position. Much astonished to see that wonderful power of Sri Krsna, shorn of pride, and thwarted in his purpose, Indra totally stopped his clouds (from pouring showers). Seeing the sky clear of clouds, the sun risen and the violent downpour and tempest stopped, Sri Krsna (the Bearer of Govardhana), spoke to the Gopas (as follows):- "Dismiss (all) fear and go out, O cowherds, along with your womenfolk, wealth and children. The storm and rain have ceased and the rivers are almost emptied of their water." Taking each his own cattle-wealth, the aforesaid cowherds as well as the womenfolk, children and the aged thereupon gradually issued forth, their goods loaded on their carts. The almighty Lord too sportfully set down the mountain as before in its own place, all the creatures looking on (with wonder).



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