Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana Book 10 Chapter 10:26-38

Book 10: Tenth Chapter (First Half)

Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana: Book 10: Chapter 10: Verses 26-38

With this end in view Sri Krsna actually crawled between the two Arjuna trees. With the very interposition of His person the mortar fell crosswise. Uprooted by the infant Sri Krsna, who had a cord tied round His belly and was dragging the said mortar behind Him with (great) vehemence, the two trees fell down with a terrific crash, their trunk, leaves and boughs violently shaken by the force exerted by the Supreme Lord". Illuminating the quarters with their great splendour there rose on that spot, like fire hidden in the two trees (and appearing in embodied forms) two celestial figures shorn of (all) pride. Approaching Sri Krsna, the Lord of all the worlds, and bowing down to Him with joined palms, they prayed as follows:- "O Krsna, the Enchanter of all, 0 great Yogi (the Master of Yoga), You are the primordial supreme Person. The Brahmanas (who have realized the true import of the Vedas) know this universe, manifest as well as unmanifest, as a form of Yours.
You are the one (undisputed) Controller of the body, the vital airs, the ego and the Indriyas of all created beings. You alone are the Time-Spirit and the imperishable Lord, the almighty Visnu. You are the subtle (unmanifest) Prakrti (the divine Energy), consisting of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, and You are the Mahat-tattva (the evolute of Prakrti). You alone are the Purusa (Spirit, the propeller of Prakrti), the Witness (of all), the Knower of the diseases and morbidities of all psycho-physical organisms. You (the perceiving subject) cannot be grasped through the modes of Prakrti, much less through their modifications (in the shape of the intellect, the ego, the senses etc.), which are (all) open to perception. And shut up in a psycho-physical organism (a product of the three Gunas), who (what Jiva) in this world is competent to perceive You, who already existed (even before its birth, as a self-evident truth)? Hail to You as such, Lord Vasudeva (the Deity presiding over the intellect), the Creator (etc., of the universe), the Infinite, whose glory stands veiled by the (three) Gunas, that owe their light to You (alone) ! Disembodied as you are, Your descents in corporeal frames are known through the various feats of valour, unsurpassed, nay, unequalled (by those of anyone) and not found in those identified with a body.
As such You, the Dispenser of (all) blessings, have come down (to the mortal plane) this time in Your integral form (the Source of all part manifestations) for (ensuring) the prosperity and liberation (lit., freedom from rebirth) of the entire creation. Hail, 0 most blessed One! Hail, 0 most propitious Lord ! Hail to the gentle Son of Vasudeva, the Lord of the Yadus. (Pray,) allow us, servants of your servant (Lord Siva), to depart, 0 perfect One! Your (auspicious) sight has been possible for us (only) through the grace of the divine sage (Narada). Let our speech be employed (hereafter) in recounting Your excellences, our ears in hearing Your stories, our hands in doing Your work, our mind in the thought of Your feet, our head in bowing to the world, Your (own) abode and our sight in beholding saints, Your (very) embodiments.



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