Gyaneshwari 215

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Imperishable Brahman

Look, if a lucky person sleeps in a mansion built of philosopher’s stones, then even if he blurts something in sleep, it does not become futile. No sooner had Arjuna uttered these words, the Lord said, ‘Listen well to this reply to your question’; (Shri Jnanadeva says) Arjuna is the calf of the wish-yielding cow, and over him was the shade of wish-bearing trees. It is, therefore not surprising that his desires came to be fulfilled. Even he, whom Lord Krishna kills in wrath, attains to the experience of the Supreme. Then how can one whom he favors with instruction, not attain it? When a person becomes one with the Lord, he becomes the Self; and then the miraculous powers attend upon him in the yard of his desires (6-10).

Arjuna had this unlimited love for Lord Krishna and so his desires always bore fruit. For this reason, the Lord, anticipating his intent, served him a dish in the form of a reply. When the infant turns to the breast, the mother knows that it is hungry. Does the infant then tell her in words to suckle it? Therefore, it does not surprise me, if the gracious teacher has such affection for his disciple. Now listen to what the Lord said.


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