Gyaneshwari 552

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Supreme Person

Now I shall make my heart the square stool (Chouranga) and install on it the wooden slippers (Paduka) of my Master. Then I shall fill the hollow formed by joining my palms in the form of unity, with flower buds in the form of my sense organs and offer a floral oblation (arghya) at his feet. With my little finger I shall smear his forehead with the sandal paste in the form of desire, purified by the sentiment of exclusive devotion. I shall adorn the tender feet of my Master with the gold anklets in the form of Self-knowledge. I shall adorn his toes with rings in the form of single-minded and steady devotion (1-5).

I shall place at his feet a fully blown lotus consisting of eight petals in the form of eight (Sattvic) sentiments, fragrant with joy. I shall burn before him, the incense in the form of self-conceit and wave the light in the form of humility. I shall embrace him with the feeling of complete identity with him and shall make him wear a pair of wooden slippers in the form of my body and life-breath. I shall wave before him, sensuous enjoyment and liberation. I shall then become fit to render service at his feet, which secures for one the four aims of human life. Let my knowledge grow in excellence, until I get rest in the abode of Brahman. Let my speech become the stream of nectar-like words (6-10).

Let its utterances become so sweet and eloquent, that one may feel like waving around it numerous full moons. Like the East, which, with the rising sun, bestows the empire of light on the entire universe, let the speech make it a festival of lamps, in the form of knowledge to the hearers.