Gyaneshwari 325

Gyaneshwari -Sant Gyaneshwar


The Universal Form

Two sentiments have received a prominent place in the eleventh chapter, in which the universal form of God will be revealed to Partha. In this chapter, the marvelous sentiment has come as a guest in the home of the serene sentiment and other sentiments too will share the honour of being in their company. Is not the wedding festival also an occasion for the guests to show off their fine clothes and ornaments? In the same way, all sentiments are parading in the palanquin of the local language. But amongst them the serene and marvelous sentiments stand out prominently as if for the very eyes to drink in. They give an impression as if Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankara have come to meet each other. So these two sentiments have come together like the sun and the moon meeting on the new moon day (1-5).

Just as the two rivers Ganga and Yamuna have mingled in the confluence at the holy place Prayaga, these two sentiments have come together in the eleventh chapter to form another Prayaga. Therefore, by hearing this chapter, the whole world attains purification. While these two streams in the form of these two sentiments are visible, the third stream Saraswati in the form of the Gita is hidden. O elders, know that we have here a confluence of three rivers. My guru Nivrittinatha has made proper arrangement for everyone to enter these holy waters through the door of the organ of hearing. Shri Nivrittinatha, the repository of righteousness, has broken the hard banks of the Sanskrit text and has constructed the easy steps of Marathi language. Now anybody may take a dip in this holy confluence with devotional love, and as one has the vision of Vishnu in the holy Prayaga, he may have a vision of the universal form here and renounce the world (6-10).

Here all the sentiments have come to such full expression, that they have opened the kingdom of joy to the ears of mankind. Here both the serene and marvelous sentiments are present, but other sentiments too have been given due scope. Here, even though a little, the door of liberation has been opened.